You can fool the world, but not your sibling .Having a sibling is like having a safety net for you life: they will unconditionally support you, The same doesn’t apply for the room you share though. Splitting a room with your sibling can be one of the most testing experiences ever, but also one of the most rewarding. If you have ever shared a room with your brother or sister, young or old, you have probably faced most of these:

1. Your parents realised early on that if one of you got a toy, the other one had to get the exact same toy; displayed proudly at two ends of the room.

2. You had set places where you kept your things and there was pretty much a Lakshman Rekha around them. No touching!

3. You constantly experimented with the layout of your room so you both got the most space.

4. But sometimes you just made a blanket fort and pretended it was a house. A house in a house!

5. You constantly bicker because, well, you’re siblings confined in the same room. It’s pretty much a rule.

6. You always had something to do with them around. Anytime you were bored, you could just watch a movie or play a game.

7. You would almost fall off to sleep just to be awoken by your sibling’s phone ringing followed by hours of overheard conversations.

8. Anytime you’re talking on the phone, they would always make weird noises just to embarrass you.

9. You hid you personal diary thanks to the mortal fear of your sibling discovering it.

10. The bathroom became a war-zone with one of you banging on the door every single morning.

11. Everytime something of yours went went missing, you would blame them.

12. You woke each other up at the weirdest of hours just to tell them you weren’t feeling sleepy.

13. You both knew everything that was going on in each other’s lives thanks to midnight insomniac conversations.

14. Every time you guys fought, you’d tell your parents you can’t stay in the same room anymore.

No matter how much you got on each other’s nerves, you always made up in the end. You basically got a best friend for life and you often wish you could go back to the simple joys of sharing a room again.