Do you remember that Liril ad with the bubbly Preity Zinta dancing under a waterfall? The tune had us all lala-ing for a long time to come! Even now after all these years, the Liril song brings out happy dancers within! We were refreshed when we discovered these videos of people dancing to the tunes of Liril:

1. Why should girls have all the fun?

Always lock the door while having your Liril moment… #lirilsong

A video posted by arpan (@arpanvadhera) on

2. The perfect antidote for a hot, sunny day!

3. This is EXACTLY how it should be done! Ah! The confused look on the woman’s face!

Moning Shenanigans #lirilsong

A video posted by Monika Thapa (@monthapa21) on

4. Brings out the inner diva, indeed!

Flirting with my inner diva #lirilsong

A video posted by Monika Thapa (@monthapa21) on

5. The “la-la-lala” makes all of us just a little bit mischievous!

#beingoldschool #lirilsong

A video posted by Vidhi Bansal (@vidhisha99) on

You can also take part in the #Velfie contest and record your own version of the iconic jingle.

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