Our view of women is often polarised. Madonna/whore, homely/bold, submissive/vamp, caring/callous, daddy's little princess/independent, Goddess/tramp and many such irreconcilable notions about women find voice in how women are talked about. In this tug of war of sanctifying vs vilifying women, it's often forgotten what they really are - humans with their share of accomplishments and failures.

These insightful posters about the lives of women, by Stayfree in collaboration with Terribly Tiny Tales, show us what it means to be a woman.

1. It's all about perspective.

2. One phrase can mean many different things.

3. One must never stop dreaming!

4. It's time to let go of stereotypes.

5. Always keep the magic alive.

6. As long as you touch the stars...

7. Don't give in to your fears.

8. Never stop fighting.

9. This is what fearless love looks like.

10. What others call your weakness can be your biggest strength.

11. Baring her soul...

12. Times, they are a changin'!

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