You know when we talk about huge-ass criminals and their ability to commit a crime and not leave a single trace behind? Not like we support them, but it would definitely require some serous skills to pull that off. Such incidents leave us with one question lurking in our minds: HOW?

And then there is this man that took “not leave a single trace behind” a little too literally.

K enzo Roberts was caught driving a stolen Mercedes, and in an attempt to save his ass he literally tries to nibble his fingers off.

The whole episode was recorded in a surveillance camera in the back of a police car. Smart? We think not.

His gruesome attempts were of no use though, as the scanners quickly matched his fingerprints to the crime. He was also wanted on a warrant for assaulting with a deadly weapon. And no, that’s not all. He was charged with possession of a fake credit card, fake ID and for driving with a suspended driving license, along with the typical grand theft auto he tried to pull off.