“Maybe our girlfriends are our soul-mates and guys are just people to have fun with.”

– Candace Bushnell Author, Sex and The City

These words right here are a true reflection of how important a girl’s bestie is to her. A girl’s best friend is her guide, confidant and more often than not, her part time mom. And there are a few things that a girl only does with her and her alone. Things like:

1. Party all night without looking at the watch!

Because no one can party like you and your bestie can. NO ONE!

2. Exchange clothes. Share clothes. Borrow clothes.

A girl wouldn’t even dream of doing it with anyone who isn’t her best friend.

Source: Pinterest

3. Be brutally honest about everything!

At least someone in your life can serve as a reality check and keep you grounded.

4. Do a hog-a-thon.

Eat, eat, eat. Repeat!

5. Act like a total drama queen.

“My day was too chaotic. Can you please make me bowl of chicken soup?”

6. Go on a shopping spree.

Because only your bestie knows what looks good and what looks great on you.

7. Plan each others “perfect imaginary” wedding.

Because why not?

8. Go for a crazy vacation to a random unheard of place!

“Hey… I found this really amazing place on the internet!”

9. Pick out faults in each other.

Only a BFF can tell you about that random strand of hair on your chin!

10. Share every detail without being judged.

“You know he was a very kiss-at-first-sight type of guy!”

11. Discuss the fashion sense of every other woman out there.

“I mean just look at her… Do you really think she can pull off a crop top like that?”

12. Watch Queen with a tub of popcorn!

Because come on… who doesn’t love Kangana?

It’s these little things only that go a long way for a girl and her bestie. And this why, maybe, they will always remain more than just friends. Eva Mini Deos salutes this bond between girls and their girlfriends.

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