They say curiosity is lust of the mind. The more you see, the more you want to know. Be it a visit to a museum or the school biology lab, we all have had moments when we were fascinated by how different things, animals and plants are. But have you ever wondered what a baseball or a pregnant bug looks like when it is cut in half?

These 32 pictures will show you what different things look like if cut in half.

1. A Mini Cooper cut in half

2. An airplane

3. Aloe Vera

4. A baseball

5. A bike

6. A cigar cut in half

7. Donuts and coffee

8. Leica camera lens

9. Jawbreaker candy

10. Wheel fire-cracker

11. A shoe

13. A pregnant Green June beetle

14. A grill with food

15. A hand-grenade

16. An iPhone 5

17. Different types of bullets

18. Ice cream bricks

19. A lock with a key

20. A purple cabbage

21. A mechanical calculator

22. Instant noodles

23. A photocopying machine

24. Helmets

25. A rechargeable battery

26. A storage ship

27. A toothpaste tube

28. A golf ball inside a tree trunk

29. Type 17 Shanxi handgun

30. A Range Rover

31. Wasp nest

32. A zippo lighter