If there’s one thing all us Indians can unanimously agree on, it’s that we are never satisfied with what we have. We always want and need a little extra, thoda aur . Be it at the sabzi wala or at a store, we are the happiest when we get a little extra!

Here are some things we would REALLY like thoda extra :

1. More parking space.

Because it takes longer to find a parking spot than it does to travel to another state!


2. More time on green lights. #ThodaExtra

Is it just me or do red lights seem longer than most green lights?


3. Thoda extra dhaniya mirch from the sabzi waala .

Whereas in other countries, people pay for cilantro and such, we think it is our birth right to get it all as an add-on.


4. More long looooong weekends.

Let’s face it. We’ll always try our level best to squeeze in a few more leaves to turn those god gifted holidays into mini sabbaticals.

Source: weddingbee.com

5. More raise during performance appraisals. #ThodaExtra

“Looking at your performance, we are increasing your salary by 100%”

“I’m sorry sir, but this is simply unacceptable!”


6. Extra mileage.

Because we spend our miles getting stuck in traffic!


7. More spice in our panipuris.

“Bhaiya, panipuri ko thoda extra teekha banana, theek hai?”

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8. We may or may not have traveled enough within our country, but we certainly want more phoren trips. #ThodaExtra


9. Ever wondered why there is so much news about the lives of Bollywood stars? Well, because we love gossip and always want more of it!


10. We would really like thoda aur time to party it up!

Isn’t it a little silly that bars shut at 1 am? The party only starts at 12.59…


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