Life is fast. Life is fleeting. Life happens all of a sudden. And in the madness, there are a lot of things we end up not doing. And what is a life well lived if you haven't tried all the things we should? What's the point if the journey ends without many lasting experiences? There are a few things that truly make us feel larger than life and missing out on them shouldn't be pardonable. Here are 34 things that we must do at least once in our lifetime.

1. Live alone

As cliched as it may sound, living all by ourselves is a great learning experience and loads of fun!

2. Go for an adventure trip

And by adventure, I mean something absolutely challenging and out of our comfort zone.

3. Keep a dog

They teach us some of the best life lessons.

4. Experience nature

Take a break. Relax and unwind.

5. Stargaze all night

There is something about staring into outer space and wondering how significant or trivial we really are.

6. Go up on stage

Whether it's to give a speech or to sing or to dance, getting up there to get rid of that stage fright is a victory in itself.

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7. Learn to play an instrument

8. Spend time with our grandparents

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9. Travel solo

Just like living alone, travelling solo will teach us a lot about ourselves. And we will also meet plenty of interesting people and have a lot of unique experiences along the way.

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10. Spend all our money on something expensive...

What's the point of saving it all up? If we toil to earn it, might as well spurge on ourselves once in a while.

11. Or get broke

It's not like you're going to stay broke forever. And it's not like you can't survive if you're broke.

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12. Try Marijuana

And not because it's illegal.

13. Get as drunk as you possibly can

You will wake up to a lot of interesting stories the next day.

14. Fall in love

Here is how you say 'I love you' in 30 different Indian languages.

15. Fall out of love

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16. Explore our sexuality

Make out with a stranger or kiss someone of the same sex. It's refreshing, trust me.

Here is a video of straight strangers kissing on screen for the time first time.

17. Laugh at an embarrassing moment

18. Trust a stranger

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19. Miss a train

Or a flight. Or both. Don't stress over it. It might just become the best thing that happened to you.

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20. Spend an entire day in bed

And do nothing. Because you don't need to go to the hills to unwind.

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21. Do something out of the blue

Whether it's taking a trip or quitting that annoying job, do it if it feels right.

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22. Visit a haunted place

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23. Attend a concert

24. Learn to cook at least one meal

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25. Learn a new language

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26. Participate in an adventure sport

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27. Run a marathon

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28. Try yoga

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29. Date a celebrity

While this may seem out of bounds, we never know when and how we might get lucky!

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30. Break the law

By which I don't mean murder or steal, but how about party after hours or something like that?

31. Donate money

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32. Help a stranger

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33. Volunteer for a social cause

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34. Spend a day without technology

It might seem difficult but it's not impossible. We can't become slaves to technology.

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A long list of things for a short fast-paced life. Tick these off your list before it's too late. Get going already!