So, you are in your 20s and still pretty clueless about life? Worry not, we’re all in the same boat. Trust me, things will eventually fall into place after a while. There’s no point worrying about it. But what should be really get you worrying right now is the fact of living with the regret of not doing the things you should have done in your 20s. Not that you can’t do them later in life, but it’s just that the 20s seem the right time to indulge in these things. Here are 20 such things you should cross off your list when you are still in your 20s. Stop worrying, start doing.

1. Find your passion. Life is too short to live somebody else’s dream.

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2. Keep searching for love. Contrary to what anyone would say, true love does exist.

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3. And if you face rejection, don’t give up. Be patient. What’s yours will eventually come your way.

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4. Switch careers. It’s better to experiment a few years rather than being stuck in a depressing job for the rest of your life.

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5. And once you know what to do, work hard. Now’s the best time to put in that extra effort.

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6. Travel. Each journey has something new to teach.

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7. Stay healthy. As long as you’re fit, every problem can be dealt with.

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8. Experiment with your looks. Get a mohawk, get inked or go for that navel piercing. Leave no scope for regret.

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9. Make as many friends as you can and keep them close. No matter what, they’ll always be with you.

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10. Move out and live on your own. It prepares you to take on the ‘big bad world’.

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11. Save up. Money is not everything, but it sure is important.

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12. Talk to your parents everyday. Nobody else loves you as much as they do.

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13. Invest in education. It’s not just about the degrees, it shapes your character.

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14. Learn to cook. You never know when you’ll have to fend for yourself.

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15. Take up a sport. It’s one of the best ways to beat stress and to stay fit.

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16. Learn to play an instrument. Music is divine.

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17. Adopt a pet. You’d be surprised at what all they teach you.

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18. Indulge in adventure sports. It’s the best way to know your true self.

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19. Read. There’s so much you can see through the world of books.

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20. No matter what happens in life – learn to stay happy. Because that’s what life is all about. Happy-ness!

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How many of these have you done yet?