Being young had its own perks as most of us after growing up will admit. But there were a lot of things that we hated as kids. But now that we’ve grown up, nostalgia has kicked in and we miss them desperately. Here are 25 such things that will take you on a trip down memory lane:

1. Pencils

It was so annoying to use pencils. The whole ordeal of having to sharpen them and what not. We just couldn’t wait to graduate to pens but now we pine for those little lead soldiers.

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2. Ink Pens

But once we got to pens, we got fed up of that too. The entire hassle of filling it with ink seemed too painful. But in the age of mobiles and laptops, we so dearly miss putting pen to paper.


3. School

Waking up early in the morning, getting dressed, the classes, teachers and almost everything about it, we hated it all. And now that we work our asses off, who wouldn’t miss that fixed schedule of spending your day with friends and reaching home by 3.


4. School uniforms

Remember how much we hated wearing the same clothes everyday? Now we find ourselves staring at our wardrobe and thinking; “What do i wear today?”, “Did I wear this last week?”. Uniforms were such an easy solution.

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5. The Opposite Sex

Childhood: “Haww. We heard you spoke to that girl.””No, I did not. Why would I talk to a girl? Why would you say something like that? It’s a lie!”Now: ” Bro, woh waali meri hai. Bhabhi hai teri .”

6. Homework

We used to hate doing homework. It always seemed so tedious and unreasonable.But now that we have to make presentations, work overtime and meet deadlines, homework seems so much easier.

7. Parents

As kids, we always felt that they stopped us from doing everything we liked. But now we realise that keeping up with us and helping us grow up required some work. And weren’t they awesome at it?

8. Landlines

Mobile phones were a dream, and fixed landlines were just huge instruments we disliked. Now, we wish we had a single phone at home and did not have to carry “the device that keeps ringing all the time.”

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9. Home Knit Sweaters

They used to itch at times, were never as stylish as the ones we bought and once we grew up, we switched to designer jackets and what not. But the warmth of a home-knit sweater and the fact that your grandma made it with nothing but love will always be special.

10. Sleeping in the day time

“No mum, I want to play, I’m not tired at all.” We used to have this argument everyday. And now, when we slog in office post lunch, how we wish we had the luxury of sleeping during the day. Sigh!

11. Haircuts

Going to the salon was something we all hated. It seemed like a waste of time. But most of us now spend a good amount of money and time on our hair styles. It was so much better (and cheaper!) when we didn’t care.

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12. Old songs

We always fussed about listening to new songs, the boy bands, the new rock albums. But as adults we have come to realise that old is gold and that classics have a class of their own. Dad was right!


13. Long drives

On a 3 hour drive, after 20 minutes: “Pa, are we there yet? When will we reach? How much longer? This is so boring.”But now we know how much a long drive can help us unwind after a hard week at work.

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14. Healthy food

None of us liked broccoli or spinach. Junk food was always more appealing. But as grown ups, we realise the importance of veggies and healthy salads!

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15. Hygiene

Bathing, especially in winters, was a big pain in the ass. We never bothered being spick and span. Now while going out, we clean ourselves like we are going to be on display. Being dirty is no longer the “in” thing it used to be when we were growing up.

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16. Silence

Silence was unbearable, some noise was always necessary. But now we find ourselves praying for some peace and quiet.

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17. Siblings

‘He got a bigger gift? World War 3.’We were all competitive and jealous as kids. But as adults, we realise that siblings are probably the most awesome things that happened to us.

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18. Staying alone & doing nothing

Sitting idle was never an option. We always had to be doing something or the other.These days, a quiet day at home, away from work is something we all want.

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19. Innocent intimacy

This was a very sensitive issue. Kissing, cheek pulling, hugging, etc. are things that we used to hate as kids. But intimacy is something most of us enjoy as adults. How things change!

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20. Teachers

We hated them all for making our life so miserable and we had nicknames for all of them. But all they wanted was to make us learn and grow up to be good human beings. We have nothing but respect for them.

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21. Being mistaken to be younger

We took it as an offence if someone said we looked seven when we were eight. But now, hiding our age and pretending to be younger is something a lot of us do.

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22. Newspapers

As kids, we hardly cared about what went on in the world. Cartoons were far more important. But now, our day starts with a newspaper. For most of us at least!

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23. Family

We somehow thought that going out with family or dining with our parents was uncool as compared to chilling with friends. But now that we’ve all grown up and realized the value of family, we all crave for some family time.


24. Breakfast

As kids: “Breakfast is a stupid meal, God knows why we have it every single day. I hate milk.” As adults: “I wish I had enough time to sit and eat in the morning. I’ll just eat an apple on my way to work.” Admit it. You miss it.

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25. Black and White

From movies to pictures, we wanted them all to be in colour. But so many of the pictures we post now are edited to be black & white or sepia tone.

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If only we knew these things while we were still kids. We were so eager to grow up and conquer the world that we forgot to appreciate the small things. And now, we can’t help getting nostalgic!