With our generation busy living lives on Facebook and Twitter, we often miss doing the little things that actually make life worth living. Call them old school or call them passé, but these are the very things that can light up your day instantly. Here are a few so called "old school" things that we should start indulging in again.

1. Write a letter

The feeling of receiving a hand-written letter in this day and age cannot be described in words. Mails, social networks, phones and WhatsApp messages simply can't match a letter. Sit down today, pen down your thoughts, and send it to your grandparents or that friend you haven't spoken to for a while.


2.  Keep a diary

Keep a diary and write your heart out. Write down the places you want to travel to instead of just pinning them on Pinterest. Ten years down the line, you will be glad you did.


3. Have morning chai with your parents

If you live with your parents, don’t miss the opportunity to spend some quality time with them. Friends can wait, but we can’t expect our parents to be there for us forever. Start your day with a cup of chai and chit-chat with your folks.


4. Read books. Real books

Read books. And by books I mean hard copies and soft covers. Physical books. The sensory satisfaction you get from leafing through a real book can't be matched by any E-Reader.


5 . Unplug yourself

When was the last time you switched off your mobile phone, kept your laptop aside and just took a moment for yourself? The world won’t change if you unplug yourself from technology for a few minutes. Take my word for it. Unplug and discover yourself.


6. Watch a sunset and a sunrise

For once, get up early just to watch the sun rise. Watch it and you will be ready to take on anything the day throws at you. And when you're at work, spare a few moments and step outside to watch the sun set. It'll fill you with peace.


7. Talk. Just talk

Remember how when we were kids, we could talk for hours? Even with complete strangers? Fast forward to today and we are always rushing to do something or go somewhere and have no time to interact with anyone. We'd rather plug in our headphones than talk to someone sitting right beside us. Stop and take a moment to interact with people. There are so many stories waiting for you.


8.  Explore places that you pass by everyday

We zip past so many beautiful places every day, but hardly have the time to look closely and appreciate them. Leave for work a little early and stop at that lush-green garden that you always pass by, or that old book shop you've been wanting to go to since forever.


9.  Walk barefoot on grass

If you have a garden, then you have to do this everyday. If you don't have a garden, then just talk a walk to your nearest park.


10. Do nothing and savour it

I know. The concept is a little scary. But you have to give this a try. Do nothing and don't feel guilty about it. Remember that it is okay to slow down every once in a while.


Life is short. Live all these moments and add a little more "living" to yours.


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