There is no denying that our 20s are a lovely time and probably the most crucial time of our youth. We learn and grow into the people we will become, figure out about life and make some of the best memories of our lifetime. But sometimes, we women in our 20s go a little crazy and end up doing absurd things, knowingly or unknowingly.

Here’s a list of all the toxic things we do to ourselves vs what we really should be doing, for our own good. Do these or forever regret!

1. What they do: Settle down.

What they should do: Discover themselves, find their individuality and have fun!

Honestly, you probably don’t even know yourself enough to jump into a setting where you share a life with someone. Marriage and family-making can wait. Seriously.

2. What they do: Worry about the way they look.

What they should do: Not give a f***.

Don’t be an obsessive insecure. It speaks a lot about how much you really value yourself. If YOU can’t be happy with your face and body, why should the world treat you any different? Feel good about yourself first.

3. What they do: Envy other girls out of ridiculous reasons, and prove the “girls can’t be friends” stereotype correct.

What they should do: Look out for other girls for a collective reform. And relax!

Cut other women and yourself some slack, and breathe. Be happy about what you have and wish well for others. Especially other women, because as it is, we are outnumbered. Got to keep our strength united!

4. What they do: Spend their time gossiping relentlessly.

What they should do: Spend time doing productive things like reading or yoga or learning something new.

Develop a hobby. Invest time in things you really like. Because time flies and you only have a limited number of years when you have all the time to yourself. Better not to waste it on rumours and gossip.

5. What they do: Change themselves to impress boys.

What they should do: Love themselves for who they truly are.

Most of us in our early 20s have this urge to find acceptance amongst the opposite sex. The attraction is natural, but the “I need to lose 20 kgs for him to like me” is utter rubbish. Be yourself no matter what.

6. What they do: Spend too much time in their less-rewarding relationships. Or look for a steady one.

What they should do: Take it easy! Focus on making a career and studies instead. Love will come when it has to.

It’s okay to date someone if you think you’re in love or even casually for that matter. But, you’ve got to stop making your life about your boyfriend(s). Especially if it’s full of complications.

7. What they do: Run after their peers and peer groups, and try extremely hard to ‘fit in’.

What they should do: Spend more time with their families and ditch the toxic ones.

In time, your family becomes your best friend. In the meantime, you don’t need to follow or be like anybody. Be yourself throughout and know that you’re doing the right thing.

8. What they do: Take petty fights with their friends too personally.

What they should do: Try to mend things and not let ego get in the way.

In the times that we live in, finding friends amidst a crowd of millions is not just hard, it is extremely hard. So don’t let your ego and pride take over, especially when you’re in a fight. There’s a lot to lose.

9. What they do: Always go for “I’m a virgin!” even when they’re not. Because they’re too afraid of being judged.

What they should do: Be okay and more accepting of their sex life, and life in general. Get over the whole ” log kya sochenge ?” mentality.

You’re a woman who has her own likes and dislikes, and you should be okay with them. Besides, aren’t you sick of putting up with all the restrictions this world loves to put on us? You need to accept yourself and your choices, regardless of what the world thinks. FTW!

10. What they do: Not eat properly. Either diet excessively or binge on junk food!

What they should do: Eat healthy food and stay wise.

Be a little more responsible for your health because, in the long run, you’re unintentionally harming yourself. Your body is your most prized possession, nourish it well!

11. What they do: Not take care of their body and push it to the limit!

What they should: Not take their health for granted, workout and keep fit!

Burn those calories before they pile up, because it only gets harder to get into the practice of keeping fit later. And you honestly don’t want to spend the rest of your days fighting diabetes, do you?

12. What they do: Drink/smoke in excess.

What they should do: Understand that an excess of anything is harmful!

Self-control is the key, after all. Moderate and assess yourself. If you know it’s messing with your personality and well being, please quit before it’s too late.

13. What they do: Spend too much money on useless things.

What they should do: Save money.

Trust me, the sooner you start the better! Keep a piggy bank if you have to. And log your expenses periodically for starters!

14. What they do: Succumb to societal pressures and all the crap expected from an ideal Indian girl.

What they should do: Break free!

Your parents want you to marry instead of making a career, you’re not supposed to wear short clothes, you mustn’t hang out with men, and what not! Don’t fall victim to these demons. Go for what you like and enjoy!

Life’s to short to waste on useless things. Put the crap to rest and lead your life in the best possible way.