We live in an age where anything we could possibly want is readily available at the push of a button or the tap of a finger. Our lives have been ameliorated by the wonders of modern technology and consumer products. But have you ever wondered what it takes to make some of the things we use on a daily basis? Here are a few things that you should definitely see being made:

1. You should definitely see how wine is made.

It’s truly wondrous how a batch of humble grapes turns into one of the most regal and highly consumed beverages on the planet.

2. Head down to a chocolate factory and see how your favourite chocolate is made.

Chocolate factories usually have a huge assembly line. Apart from this, they have enormous containers, industrial ovens and refrigerators that are used to melt, combine and cool liquefied chocolate into chocolate bars. One main factory is used to make different types of chocolate and a major win while visiting it, is the aroma! Oh, the lovely chocolate aroma.

3. How those yummy, crispy, potato chips came into existence

Whether you like the plain salted ones, or you love the masala kick, you know for a fact that once that packet opens, it’s hard to stop. It’s hard to imagine that our favourite chips were once just a regular old potato. Only extreme metamorphosis can create magic out of something so ordinary. That’s why you should see how chips are made. From machines dicing potatoes into wafer thin slices to seasoning them, the entire process of making chips is down right awesome!

4. You must visit a brewery and see how Beer is made.

You may have visited a microbrewery often but be rest assured, it’s nothing compared to the real deal! When you have rows of freshly brewed beer rolling out, you know you are in heaven! Be in the center of all the action as your beer brews, ferments, and gets bottled. At the end of the tour, you just might get a free glass to chug down if you are lucky (and above the legal drinking age).

5. You must see how glass is made.

The whole process of glass making is nothing short of fascinating. It’s incredible to watch glass-makers meticulously craft beautiful glass masterpieces. Another interesting thing about making glass is that each glass tastes different. So, at the end of your visit, you might be required to taste a drink from different glasses to emphasize how each one tastes different from the other.

6. See how fabric is made.

No, seeing a garment factory doesn’t count! If you really want your mind to be blown away, you must visit a factory that makes different kinds of fabric. It’s fascinating to see how cotton is woven into fine thread, which is then brought together in various counts to make different types of fabric.

7. You definitely should see how things are made from iron.

There is something so artistic about raw iron ore being melted and then casted into various things. Yes, the conditions inside the factory might get a tad bit uncomfortable but, believe me, once you see that red-hot iron mould itself into a house ornament, you will be speechless.

8. See an airplane being built.

This might be an impossible task in our country but if you are visiting the States, you can actually take a tour of the Boeing factory. One thing is for sure, everything at the factory will be so massive, you just might feel super small!

9. If you ever get a chance, you should see how cheese is made.

Making cheese is more than just churning milk and maturing the bi-product. There are proper recipes involved in making different types of cheese. So, if you happen to visit a factory that makes cheese on a large scale, you can be assured that it will be a fascinating experience. Most factories have a little farm where they breed farm animals for milk and seeing animals is always fun, right?

10. A trip to a car manufacturing facility is an absolute must.

Giant industrial robots and highly trained workers building cars with clockwork precision? What’s not to like? Of course, these are difficult to come by. But recently, a few chosen ones got the opportunity to visit the Sanad manufacturing facility of Tata Motors and saw their cars roll out. How cool is that?


So, what are you waiting for? Time is running out and there are so many things out there to see!

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