Let’s face it. Even in your faintest of imaginations, you wouldn’t have ever thought that your harmless habit of scribbling during boring lectures (or, for that matter any lecture) will stick with you for life. I mean seriously, years and years have passed, but the sight of a plain white sheet can still drive you as crazy as it used to back then. And why just paper? Whiteboards, tables, chairs, tissues, walls, hands, fracture casts… anything that’s ink-able works for you, doesn’t it?

Sounds familiar? Here are 20 things you’ll definitely relate to if you are an obsessive compulsive doodler:

1. School, for you, was just one looooooong doodling session…

2. …and you were accused of not paying attention a hell lot of times!

3. There is a good chance that you have a DIY tattoo on your body right now.

Source: YouTube

4. And with the number of times you’ve made them, you won’t really be surprised if you bled ink one day.

5. You mastered the art of drawing the fancy “S” at an early age.

6. You’ve done some of your best work… on random pieces of paper.

7. You’ve hesitated to turn in a paper because you made an awesome drawing on the back of it.

8. You never, ever get bored during meetings because you are always doodling something in your notepad.

9. You almost go crazy when you see fresh stationery! Read borderline insane.

10. You carry pencils, pens and other stationery supplies like a scribble master.

11. You have to make a concerted effort not to draw whenever there is a pen and paper in front of you…

12. …and you usually fail terribly at it.

13. You often think you’ve ruined a new notepad when you write the first words in it.

14. But then again you go ahead and fill every inch of it anyway!

15. You’ve spent multiple days even weeks working on JUST one doodle.

16. Sometimes, your crazy doodles just develop a mind of their own.

17. You’ve doodled on desks.

Source: Mrrozzyroo.com

18. You’ve doodled on your hands.

19. And… you’ve also doodled on something really, really important.

Source: JustSomething.com

20. But you know that no matter what the haters say, doodling is the sign of a mature, creative mind.

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