A while ago, we told you about THINKX, leak-proof washable period underwear, which almost eliminates the need for tampons and pads. With this revolutionary product, you’ll have a worry-free period like never before. These panties are the mastermind of twin sisters, Radha and Miki Agrawal, and their friend Antonia Dunbar.

While we were all excited at the possibility of not having to use pads or tampons and no leakage, we’ve all had some questions. Can they be used on Day 1 of period when you are bleeding heavily? Do we need to use both tampons and the underwear or can we just wear the panty?

To answer all these questions, Miki organised an AMA (ask me anything) on Reddit. Here is a break up of what she answered, unedited:

I’m dying to know how these work!

That’s what I’m here for!! 🙂 We wanted to come up with something leak proof and stain resistant, so we combined four different technologies (anti-microbial, moisture-wicking, breathable leak-proof, and absorbent) that work together to be totally period-proof. The absorbency layer and leak-resistant tech make sure nothing comes through the underwear if you have an accident, yet you feel clean and dry the whole time you are wearing them thanks to the anti-microbial and moisture-wicking layers. It’s like magic! Science-y, tech-y magic.

Do they replace tampons?

So, THINX is made to be backup to tampons and cups, in case of those annoying leaks and stains that we all have. Some women DO opt to use them alone, especially on lighter days – but we like to say #knowyourflow, or choose your own adventure, because it’s entirely up to you and your preferences!!Personally, I’m light enough to use them alone ALL day (except for on day 2, which is crazy heavy for me). If you’re using them right, you shouldn’t have to change at all during the day.

How long can I wear these underwear before I have to change them?

You should be able to wear them all day/night (8-12 hrs!) – they’re meant to be used as backup to tampons and cups, and some women use them alone on lighter days – but we like to say #knowyourflow, and if you do that you should be able to go all day! xo

Does THINX control odor?

The underwear has an anti-microbial treatment, which helps fight both bacteria and odor. Since you’re only supposed to use THINX as a backup, or as a replacement on lighter days, it wouldn’t fill up any more than a pad would (and so they definitely wouldn’t smell more than a pad would, either).

What a great idea! How long is the life expectancy for this underwear if looked after properly?

Thanks! The tech lasts in full effect for 25-30 washes (that’s ~2 years using them monthly) if you care for it properly (i.e., rinse, cold wash, no fabric softener/bleach, hang dry) month after month. I still have the prototypes from 3+ years ago that continue to work like a charm!!

Despite the “anti-microbial” layer, wouldn’t wearing a tight-fitting PUL-lined underpant increase the risk of dampness, sweat, and bugs?

We spend 3.5 years testing all of the technology to work with women’s lady bits in labs. We have also been wear testing them for years.

Why the environmentally inferior option of panties that last 2 (to maybe 3) years if you own enough panties to use each panty only once per cycle (and need to be thrown out if your size changes) over cloth pads that last 5-7 years?

Comfort, comfort, comfort. Looking and feeling like a regular pair of underwear is liberating, not feel like a big pad is between our legs. It’s simply a better pair of underwear and shouldn’t really be compared to a cloth pad.

Do you have any initiatives to help improve support for female-related products and issues? I ask because it gets old to continually have politicians and media, and men, doubt our experiences with periods and trivialize them.

We’re doing everything we can to create innovative products that will change culture around this subject. Innovation changes culture, look at what the condom industry did to change the conversation around safe sex.

That sure was insightful, Miki!

All pictures taken from shethinx.com I Feature Image : Huffingtonpost