During our late teens and early twenties, when consuming as many TV shows as possible was way up high on our priority list, How I Met Your Mother became an uncontested favourite! We’ve all watched it over and over again, to the point where if the show is playing on mute, we can give the voice-over with 100% accuracy!

The show’s characters were some of the wittiest we have seen on TV. Their endless conversations at McLaren’s, Barney’s swagger, Ted’s romanticism, Robin’s endless search for intellectual stimulation, and Marshall and Lily’s endearing squabbles kept us entertained for 9 full Seasons. They are back to take us down the hilarious journey one more time!

This promo showing the characters as kids will take you down the memory lane at a whole new level.

Like Barney would say, “Suit up! We are going to McLaren’s!”

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