If there’s one thing we can all agree on, with absolute certainty, is that work is the last thing on our mind when we’re at work. Sitting on your desk for hours, staring at your computer screen can cause the mind to wander. Here are a few things that go through our minds while we’re doing our 9 to 5:

1. You constantly question yourself and your career choices and debate whether your current job is really what you always wanted to do.

2. The moment you enter your office door, your mind is mainly preoccupied with one important thought…”What should I have for lunch today?”

3. Not a second goes by when you don’t look at your watch and wonder “when will the clock strike 5?”

4. While researching for a presentation, instead of Googling “Changes In the Travel Industry Since 2005”, you google “cute cats” and wonder if you should get a cat for yourself.

5. You always regret ditching your friends for that big trip because of excess work.

6. When you start working on that giant presentation, you secretly hope for an impromptu meeting so that you don’t have to work on it anymore.

7. You think about your time in school and college and wonder if you had studied a little harder, maybe today, you would have had a better job at a better company.

8. Invariably, you think about future interviews and incessantly practice and rehearse answers to potential questions hoping that one day you will get your break-through.

9. And y ou repeatedly promise yourself that one day you will quit your thankless job and follow your dreams.

10. At least once a day, you think about starting your own YouTube channel since that’s the ‘in’ thing and it’s super easy money.

11. And at other times, you think about taking a photography class because your friends think, based on your Instagram profile, that you have the potential to go pro.

12. When the clock finally strikes five, you rumble through numerous files on your laptop and think about work for twenty whole minutes. After 20 minutes, you close your laptop, leave for the day and promise yourself that you will complete your pending work tomorrow.

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Feature image Source: NDTV

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