Let’s face it. Buying gifts isn’t really as easy as it sounds. Especially, when you are talking about the yearly herculean task of scouting for those last-minute Diwali gifts. I mean come on, we’ve all been through it. Walking through the market, going from shop to shop, in search for the perfect face-saving dinner set or a boring mithai ka dabba .

And while we’ve been at it, we’ve also come across a few simple truths. Like:

1. “Why the hell are Diwali gifts so tacky?”

2. “I just wish I don’t get anything like this from someone!”

3. “Will they judge me if I go empty handed?”

4. “Come on… I HAVE to take something. It’s Diwali.”

5. “But this is waaaaaay out of my budget!”

6. “Do they even deserve it?”

7. “Shhh… I shouldn’t be thinking like that. How non- sanskari of me!!”

8. “But seriously, I wish there was a formula that could help me calculate how much should I spend on them.”

9. “Maybe I can come up with something like that.”

10. “Anyways… I think I should get one of those random mithai boxes.”

11. “Yupp… That’s a safe bet.”

12. “Ewww! This is just horribly packed.”

13. “Come on, I can’t give this! Or, maybe… I can.”

14. “I can, but I should? Whatever, let me just take it.”

15. “It’s okay. There are going to be fine. I’ll just say Happy Diwali a little loudly.”

16. “I’m sure they will pass it on to someone.”

17. “Who will pass it on to someone.”

18. “But I bet it won’t get peddled back to me. Or, would it?”

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Feature Image Source: Ahashare

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