Sometimes, the stress of it all just gets to you. In this fast paced generation, everything is about leading the rat race and being the best. What we fail to realise is that we all function in different ways: some people are alright with working all the time, but some people need more. Why live like a zombie when you can fly like an eagle? Here's a couple of reasons why taking some time off is one of the best things you could do right now.

1. The time off helps you find new inspirations

Because a little bit of 'me time' is the perfect solution to getting yourself inspired to work again.

2. It also gives you the time to get over the past and start afresh

The time off will make you forget old feuds, petty problems and best of all, the cafeteria food!

3. Once you stop running, you'll realize the importance of taking it easy

You'll realise that staying ahead of the game is a just a made up concept and that there's nothing wrong with taking it easy sometimes.

4. They keep telling you to take a chill pill and now you can finally do that

Instead of work, eat and sleep, your days can turn into live, love and laugh.

5. At last you can do what you love

You can rekindle your old passions: write, paint, sing and indulge what some call the right side of your brain!

6. Finally you can reconnect with yourself, reflect and set your goals

You'll finally understand the saying "find what you love and let it kill you" once you take this break.

7. Discover life without hang ups

It's also one of the most refreshing feelings to suddenly have no hang ups. Absolute freedom!

8. You no longer feel exhausted all day

The amount of free time you have will also exponentially increase, giving you time to finally do what you want without feeling drowsy and bogged down the entire time.

9. You can pack your bags and go places, literally

You can travel! Go wherever you want, imbibe different cultures and experience a world outside the four air conditioned walls.

10. You can finally live, not just survive

The lack of steady income might be daunting, but hey, what have you been working for all this while if not to live meaningfully rather than just survive?

11. You can finally give back to society

With all this free time, there's all kinds of social work you could do! Help the elderly, work for women's rights, maybe even clean the Yamuna.

12. Say hello to your social life once again

There's also that social life that you haven't had in forever. Revisit old friends and make new ones.

13. Every night is Saturday night

You also don't have to feel bad about going out on a Sunday night. Or any night for that matter!

14. You can go back to being a student

If you have something you're extremely passionate about, take the year off and study it. Instead of just bumming around, you might make it big in a different field altogether.

15. You're not unemployed

You don't even have to tell people you're unemployed, you just tell them you're on a sabbatical and it sounds so much better plus it immediately ups your cool quotient. Strange but true.

Get out there, find yourself and learn from everything you experience. A sabbatical isn't just a time to bum around, it's a magical period where you can indulge the child inside you while enjoying all the perks of being an adult!

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