Relationships with fellow humans are overrated. They’re time consuming and, more often than not, leave you with a bad taste in your mouth. Food, on the other hand, would undoubtedly make for a far more fulfilling significant other. Food doesn’t whine. Food understands.

The prospect of going home to that perfectly cooked bowl of spaghetti is so much more exciting than a long drawn Skype call with your bae. Chancing upon a man or a woman as desirable as your favourite takeout is close to being an impossibility!

Modelled after Tinder, Tender- Food and Recipes is a brand new app that matches you with your favourite recipes instead of people. Here’s how it works:

While swiping left or right is synonymous with Tinder, a trio of College of Charleston alums have come up with the app Tender, which replaces potential dates with potential dinner recipes.


Available free of charge on Apple and Android devices, the app description reads:

“Tender is the easiest way to source the world’s most beautiful and delicious culinary delights. In this day in age, food is about more than just calories, it is art. That’s why Tender serves up the most beautiful dishes straight from kitchens around the world for your viewing and cooking pleasure.”

We couldn’t agree more.

Tender allows users to save their favourite recipes to their “Cookbook,” which stores all swiped-right recipes that link back to their original sources.


There is also the option to customize your search and narrow down on your preferences with the help of filters like drinks, desserts, seafood, vegan, vegetarian and the likes. You name it, they have it.

Unlike Tinder, where an accidental left swipe might do away with your chance at finding a potential match, Tender will soon have an option to undo it, ensuring you don’t miss out on that perfect recipe for a tenderloin steak you just left swiped.

While on Tinder you have to pay to make that feature available to you, Tender intends to put it out for free.


So, instead of subjecting yourself to cheesy pickup lines and barf-inducing selfies on Tinder, go on Tender and plan the perfect evening with your freshly cooked lasagna and some wine.