We banned a documentary, then we banned beef. Some people vandalised churches, while a mob lynched someone they suspected ate beef. Writers have been threatened and attacked, actors are protesting and many believe that India has become intolerant.

But the strength of our nation has always been tolerance, hasn’t it? Here are photos that actually prove how tolerant India can be:

1. This board that has all the right signs.

Source: indiatomorrow.net

2. These two men, Ashok Munshi & Qutubuddin Ansari, who were on opposite sides of the Godhra riots in 2002.

Source: keralanewsonline

Met years later and extended a hand of friendship.

Source: keralanewsonline

3. This march.

When celebs are returning awards, some stand to prove that India is still very tolerant.

Source: iwtimes

4. These men who tolerate more than anything we can imagine.

Source: skymetweather

5. When Muslims made way for Ganpati and the Hindu procession went by quietly without disrupting their prayers.

Source: fireflydaily

6. When a few youngsters gave away love for no reason at all.

Source: volunteerweekly

7. This wall that spells unity.

Source: learningindia

8. These brave kids who smile despite facing adversities we can barely imagine.

Source: huffingtonpost

9. These children who stand side by side like it’s meant to be.

Source: youthconnect

10. These men marching on.

Source: hindu

11. This.

Source: ibnlive

12. And this.

Source: defenceforumindia

13. These Hindus and Muslims who helped rebuild a Gurudwara.

Source: dailypakistan

14. This Eid.

Source: sunninews

15. These two Muslim women who dressed their kids as Hindu deities.

Source: viralduniya

So is India really getting intolerant? There is still hope, after all.