A teacher asked a kid ‘what’s the difference between like and love?

The kid said ‘I like my parents’ but ‘I love snacks!’. That’s pretty much the story of anyone who’s got a weakness for constantly munching on snacks! Not the part about the parents – that was a joke obviously! But if you’re an obsessed snacker then you know that it’s a habit that you just can’t stop! Here are 10 signs you love munching on snacks.

1. There are at least half a dozen tupperware containers in your kitchen containing your favourite snacks. Doomsday for you means finding all 6 of those containers empty!

2. It is physically impossible for you to turn down snacks that someone offers you. Even if you’ve just finished a seven course meal!

3. Whenever you and your friends decide to throw a party you’re automatically assigned the task to get all the snacks!

4. Tea-time for you means munching on whatever snacks your mom has got for you!

5. Your knowledge of Indian snacks ranging from gujiyas to kachoris to patties is so vast that you might as well have your own snack show on TLC.

6. A packet of chips last merely about 10-12 seconds in your hand. It disappears in a cloud of munching and crunching noises!

7. The only reason you love going to theatres to watch movies is to fill up on popcorn and other snacks!

8. Your obsession with munching has reached a point where you just can’t watch anything on TV without having an array of snacks spread out in front of you.

9. Wherever you sit you manage to leave a circle of crumbs around you thanks to your incessant snacking!

10. Chances are you’re probably munching on something as you’re reading this post!