Nice breath and shiny teeth, we’ve mostly got toothpaste to thank for that. Created to enhance the ‘aesthetics’ of your teeth, this gel is actually a 100 times more useful for almost every facet of life. From sorting out your pimples to giving your silverware a new lease on life, the number of things a tiny tube of teeth cleanser can do is mind boggling.

Here are some uses of toothpaste other than to brush your your teeth!

1. Polish a diamond ring

Literally give your diamond a a new shine with toothpaste. It’s easy and cheap, especially considering how expensive diamonds are!

Source – thesuperuniverse

2. Prevent foggy goggles

Rub a little toothpaste on your glasses or swimming goggles and get crystal clear vision.

Source – middlebury

3. Remove stains from fabric

Just rub the surface with a toothbrush, rinse and repeat. As long as it’s a regular stain, it should be gone soon.

Source – awesomeinventions

4. Get rid of water rings on wooden furniture

You know those annoying rings that form on your tables because some people refuse to use coasters (you know who your are)? Well say good riddance with some toothpaste, water and towel!

Source – awesomeinventions

5. Repair small scratches on CDs

Next time you get a bogus CD from Palika, rub some paste on it and try again before reporting back to those musty shops.

Source – thehandmadedress

6. Remove chewing gum from hair

It acts as a kind of lubricant to get gum out of your hair. Or you could just cut it off, because YOLO!

Source – diyhomelife

7. Get permanent marker off wood

That ink is going to be not-so-permanent once you scrub it with some toothpaste!

Source – homestoriesatoz

8. Get rid of pimples faster

Toothpaste has some drying agents which help in reducing and removing pesky libido-killing pimples.

Source – top10homeremedies

9. Make your silver look polished

If you have guests coming over soon, give your silver a quick rub down and laugh inwardly at your lazy brilliance.

Source – creeklinehouse

10. Get relief from burns

If you get a mild burn, immerse the area in cold water and then apply toothpaste to it.

Source – freemalaysia

11. Keep the mirror from fogging

Smear some toothpaste on your bathroom mirror to keep it from fogging and so you can continue to admire your splendid visage.

Source – blogspot

Toothpaste to the rescue!