Travelling is like chicken soup for the soul. You get to meet new people, taste new food, see and learn new things. Seeing more of the world is an experience that quenches the soul. But there are several serious considerations everyone makes before planning a trip. One of them is safety .

According to The Economist’s Safe Index 2015 , these cities are safe not only in respect of crime but also digital, health, infrastructure and personal safety.

Here are the safest cities to travel all around the world. Tick them off as you go.

#20 Frankfurt

The fifth largest city in Germany is one of the best places to ensure a quality life. It is also a major world financial center.


#19 Washington, D.C.

It is one of the safest cities because the Three Houses of Government are situated here. It ranks 17th for personal safety, 15th for digital security and is the 8th best place to live.


#18 London

London ranks 16th in the terms of digital security. The crime rates in the city have been constantly falling.


#17 Los Angeles

This city is doing really well in the terms of cyber security but it needs to pay more attention to real-world crimes. It ranks 23 for personal safety.


#16 Chicago

This city ranks 10th in digital security and they are trying to come up with unique strategies to reduce crimes. They have a list of the people who are vulnerable to criminal attacks.


#15 Barcelona

Barcelona has reduced crime by 32% in 3 years only by improving police strategy. It is one of the safest cities in terms of health and personal safety.


#14 Montreal

Montreal is ranked as the 2nd best city to live in overall and 6th best infrastructure. It is a fantastic destination with around 90 festivals every year, all in the safe city of Montreal.

#13 Taipei

It ranks 5th in the category of personal safety and 9th in the category of health security. It has c oolest cafes, karaoke, shrimping, music festivals and theme-based restaurants and is an absolute must visit.


#12 San Francisco

San Francisco hired the world’s first chief resilience officer who keeps track of everything that could test the city like resource scarcity and social inequality. This city ranks 8th in digital security.


#11 Hong Kong

If you want to go on a holiday with your family, go to Hong Kong. It is the fourth-safest city on the list in terms of digital security and 6th in personal safety. It’s your window to the rest of Asia.


#10 New York

New York is the only safe city in the US. It ranks 3rd best for digital safety, and 2nd for health. Need we say more?


#9 Melbourne

Also ranked as the world’s most livable city, Melbourne ranks eighth in the category of personal safety . Shopping, art, gourmet, sport and safety? You get it all.


#8 Toronto

Toronto finished 8th for overall safety. It is the most populous city of Canada and has over 8000 restaurants. Foodies, follow me, we’re heading towards Toronto!


#7 Zurich

The largest city of Switzerland has Europe’s largest clock face, 1200 fountains and easy accommodation. It also ranks 1st for both infrastructural safety and health security. Need we say more?


#6 Sydney

Surprisingly, according to the index, Sydney is one of the safest cities to visit. It ranks 3rd for infrastructural safety and 10th for personal safety.


#5 Amsterdam

This city is famous for legal marijuana and its amazing infrastructure. It ranks fourth in infrastructure safety. It is ranked 9 out of 50 cities for personal safety. It should definitely be on your list.


#4 Stockholm

Stockholm ranks seventh in digital security and 10th in health security. Life expectancy here is 82. One of the most cleanest metropolises, this city has distinct seasons. Visit it anytime of the year!


#3 Osaka

Japan’s second largest, Osaka is not a flashy city. It ranks second in personal safety and sixth in health security. If you want to go somewhere peaceful, this is your place!


#2 Singapore

One of the smallest countries of the world, it ranks number 1 in overall personal safety. It has the second lowest murder-rate in the world. It is one of the cities to take cyber-crime seriously.


#1 Tokyo


So how many are you going to tick off this list?