It's no news that the world is biased against women. Be it the American elections day in 1920 when women voted for the first time, or the still-existent struggle of women from Saudi Arabia to drive,  women from every corner of the world have had to struggle to achieve what was 'only meant for men'. While most still struggle to achieve equality, some are moving in the positive direction.

The World Economic Forum did some research in 2014, where they listed the Global Gender Gap, using yardsticks like women's economic participation and opportunity, access to education, health, survival rates and political empowerment. Based on the same research, here are the 25 countries which are very women-friendly:

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As a matter of fact, India stands at 114 on the list and our neighbour Pakistan is second last on the list with a rank of 141. It is also noteworthy how only one country from Asia features in the top 25 list.