I’m about to give you all a reality check here. While we always accept our friends the way they are and try to be supportive in the nicest way possible, some friends don’t wish the the same for us. The ones we choose to lift us sometimes bring us down, and crash landing isn’t something we signed up for, is it?

So let’s understand the types of friends that are dangerous for us and might lead to an ‘ Et tu, Brute?’ situation if we don’t let go of them now if not sooner!

1. The fake friend

There are a lot of pretentious buggers out there who’d convince you that they’re epitomes of individuality. But it’s not very difficult to look under the sheets, is it?

2. The bad influence

You most often don’t come to know about this kind of a friend until you end up in deep shit. They push you to do things you’re uncomfortable with and it’s amazing how they manage to dig out the worst in you. All you can possible do is this…

3. The faultfinder

This friend would leave no opportunity to tell you what you lack. Critical is good but hurting your self-esteem every time isn’t. Say ta ta before you commit a crime.

4. The “only I know what’s right”

Such people ride high horses with their unbending egos and never admit to their mistakes. Nothing you can possibly do or say will change their mind. You might as well take a stroll with someone closer to the ground.

5. The party and fun only

And MIA the rest of the time. He/she’s only with you for a gala time and is definitely not someone you can count on for most of the things that actually matter.

6. The chicken

This friend will remind you of Courage, the cowardly dog. He/She will chicken out when you least expect and leave you hanging all by yourself. Trust me, you don’t want a bunch of chickens clucking around you.

7. The chamcha

Remember Jeet from Student Of The Year ? If you haven’t seen the film, this person is someone who will suck up to you all the frigging time, and while you might feel like a boss, don’t take his/her sycophancy too seriously.

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8. The self-centered

Narcissist is the word for them and they often confuse their nature with ideas of self love. God knows when they’ll realize the difference but you sure do. Back out because clearly, they don’t need a friend.

9. The downer

Whenever this person is around, you feel like shit. Why? Because of his/her consistent jokes on you, an unsupportive attitude towards anything you like or wish to do and of course, plenty of ways to pull you down, intentionally or unintentionally.

10. The cannot-keep-a-secret

Let’s just say if you tell this person something, chances are it’s going to be morning news to the rest of the world in no time. And you’ll just be like…

11. The only-calls-for-a-favour

And is ungrateful for the same. Forget gratitude, this person will probably never casually call to check on you and if he/she does, expect to be asked for another favour.

12. The gossip-all-the-time

Some people will only nudge you when there’s gossip floating around. You might not give a hoot but you end up badmouthing so many people who have done nothing to you. What’s worst is that they might be gossiping about you somewhere else!

13. The cheater/double-crosser

Okay, some people will screw with you and won’t mind admitting it. But these ones will go behind your back and you will never know how, why or what, until you feel your back bleed. My advice: run for the hills!

14. The dumper

This variety dumps all of their problems on you, and while you might help them whenever required, chances of them listening to you are very low. And why the hell should you depress yourself because of someone who uses you like a tissue?

15. The manipulative one

The most dreadful of the lot and the hardest to discover. You’ll end up forgetting who you really are. You’ll just be a puppet to his/her strings and in the end, well, we all know what happens to all the characters associated with Ramadhir Singh in Gangs of Wasseypur , don’t we?

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Friends come in all shapes and sizes. Some are meant for a forever discretion, but amongst the rest, especially the ones who fit the above mentioned types, are just not worth it. Better leave them now rather than regret later!