Most of us feel discomfort at the thought of being on our own – going for a movie alone, eating at a restaurant alone, going for a walk alone. What we don’t realise is that sometimes being on our own can be the most rewarding experience. And that statement applies more to travelling than anything else. Travelling alone might seem like a daunting task but the fruits of that journey will last a lifetime. It’s an experience that’ll broaden your mind and leave you richer inwardly. Here are 10 reasons how travelling alone can be an eye-opening experience:

1. There’s no character building technique more time-tested and effective like a journey you undertake on your own.

2. When the entire planning of the trip rests on your shoulder, you’re bound to come out of it a more responsible person.

3. In today’s over-intrusive world, even a moment to yourself is valuable. A self-exploratory trip is priceless.

4. When you don’t have the comfort of travelling with your friends or family, you’ll be forced to interact with new people. And that’s never a bad thing!

5. It’s a cure for any kind of misery life throws on you – break up, loss, depression, unrequited love – travelling alone, seeing the world and how others get on with their lives will cure most pain you have.

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6. Often when you’re alone, you tend to notice the things around you more. Be it human behaviour or the beauty of nature, a solo journey makes a keen observer out of anyone.

7. It makes you comfortable with yourself! You will learn to know yourself and love yourself over the period of the journey.

8. Do things from the bottom of your heart, no one will judge you! Sleep under the stars, wear the silliest shirt you love, dance with a stranger!

9. Not everything on a journey might go right! When you travel alone you have no option but to accommodate to the situation! Which is an incomparable character trait.

10. The world is vast magical place with billions of people. Nothing will open your mind to the value of life like a journey on your own!