Do you sit at your work space and browse through pictures of all the wonders in the world longingly more than a little often? Most of us do, and then we feel blue and probably go drown our sorrows in unhealthy habits. There is chance for redemption though! If you just put your mind to it, there are a host of jobs for people of different qualifications just waiting to be picked up.

Check out some of the jobs you could do that combine work and travel!

1. Travel Writer

You might have to start with paying for your own travel, but if your writings get enough exposure, then embassies from different countries will literally pay you to go there, experience and write about them.

Source – Travelpurveyor

2. English Teacher

English teachers are extremely sought after, so having a background in literature can hold you in good stead in several parts of the world. You can even do volunteer teaching work where your food and accomodation are sorted in the more distant places.

Source – amazonaws

3. Travel Nursing

It’s good to have a little experience, but even a complete newbie can apply for nursing jobs abroad, with full pay, medical insurance and even accomodation in some cases. Pretty sweet deal I’d say, if you don’t mind the blood.

Source – vkmed

4. Flight Attendant

The hours are pretty wack and you have to look super presentable all the time, but you get to travel everywhere and get free flights plus crazy discounts on flights for your family. Good scene, if you don’t mind dealing with drunk passengers (I love that stuff).

Source – traveller

5. Residency Organic Farming or WWOOFing

One of the greatest discoveries I made was the WWOOF website, where you can just select a country that you want to go to, apply for an organic farming position, and stay there for almost a year. See the other side of your favourite countries and learn some useful tricks.

Source – growswitch

6. Work on a cruise ship

Cruise ships have openings for several different positions like photographers and servers, and while it involves quite a lot of time commitment, you also get to experience a whole new world of travel, albeit one fraught with seasickness.

Source – alphacoders

7. Bartender

If you have a little experience and the necessary visa, then you pretty much head anywhere and get a job without any problems. One of the most sustainable options around, especially if you like your life shaken, not stirred.

Source – uclu

8. Scuba/Surf/Ski Instructor

Go do a small course on your adventure of choice and then you’re eligible for one of the most satisfying jobs around. Imagine spending months teaching people to dive underwater or ski through packed snow. It’s almost not a job.

Source – triip

9. Retail Buyer

Might not sound glamourous, but hey, you’ll get paid dollops of money to go abroad, deal with vendors and negotiate a buy. After the deal is done, you can go about town drinking Guiness or whatever.

Source – iemp

10. Au Pair

Indians can live abroad and study if they so wish, while taking care of a host family’s children. A fairly recent trend that allows youngsters to see a new country while also doing something worthwhile.

Source – goabroad

11. Travel Agent

Again, a slightly hectic job that involves listening to a lot of shouts and handling a lot of people. On the plus side, you get crazy discounts on tickets and inside information on the best deals.

Source – adventurepig

12. International Hotel Job

If you work at a hotel that’s tied to an international brand, there are chances they’d shift you to another branch in a different state or country. The same goes for working at companies with branches abroad.

Source – hilton

13. International Aid Worker

You not only get to travel far out in this job space, but you also get to see the other side of the world. Interact with people with real problems and feel good about doing your bit.

Source – charityandsecurity

14. Merchant Navy

A great option for those who love to travel. There’s adventure around every corner and a sense of freedom combined with a chance to see the world! Make sure you’re physically and mentally ready though, it’s not all easy work.

Source – maritimeacademy

15. Diplomat

If you have the will to study hard and crack the civil services exams, then you must try for the Indian Foreign Service. You get posted to foreign locations, travel a lot, and hold an esteemed rank while at it!

Source – India New England

16. Travel Show Host

If you possess a charismatic personality and a general love for travel, then scoring a travel show job would be a dream come true. It’s low on stress, high on fun and the best part is, the travel is free!

Source – India Untravelled

17. Filmmaker/ Filmstar

Bollywood is obsessed with stunning locations, and chances are, even if you’re an extra in an item number, you’ll be taken to Switzerland or some other far out place to dance and frolic in front of the camera. A pretty good deal for Indian actors!

Source – vision

There’s a whole world out there waiting to be seen. So, why wait for a holiday?