Apoorv Sood goes by the Twitter handle @Trendulkar and describes himself on Twitter as a "90s Kid. Former Sailor boy. Now in a business suit. Sports Fan, Beer enthusiast, Hopeless romantic & a Proud Indian [conditions apply]".

Ahead of the India-Pakistan Champions Trophy clash, let's look at some of 20 of his best tweets where he is trolling Pakistanis:

1. Here we go!

2. Heartfelt apologies!

3. Well, you can't blame him for calling them fools!

4. The man has a point.

5. Sounds exactly like Pakistan!

6. Well, the amount he trolls them, he can't complain.

7. Nobody is spared!

8. Absolutely nobody!

9. You asked for it!

10. All out for 99?

11. Life lesson for Pakistanis.

12. Every Indian will agree!

13. At least troll properly, dear Pakistanis!

14. Oh wait...

15. ROFL!

16. True story!

17. Putting things into perspective!

18. When the responses stopped on Twitter!

19. Seriously, why should we be worried?

20. We've saved the best for last. What a comeback, Apoorv!