Condiments are our best friends in the kitchen. Not only can the right ones give meals that added dose of delicious flavor without adding on excess fat, chemicals, or sugar, they can also turn our leftovers into delicacies! Yes, you don’t have to eat the same food again. Just with one or two ingredients, those leftovers can feel like they are freshly made.

Mustard, ketchup, and vinegar are standard cupboard fare, but then there are these lesser known ones which can also add some serious punch to your food with these easy recipes.

1. Leftover rice + Shahi Makhani Dip = Delish desi bowl burrito!

This one’s for the times when your taste buds crave for desi flavour.

Make your own version of burrito. Here’s how:

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2. Leftover rice + Mango Chilli Sauce = Mango chilli rice

The sauce is sweet, it’s chilli, it’s excellent!

And it makes leftover rice taste heavenly! Here’s how:

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3. Leftover rice + Harissa Hot Sauce = Hot fried rice

This spicy red pepper sauce can make anything fiery: chicken, meat, noodles, rice, whatever! Get that bowl of leftover rice, throw in some veggies and an egg and spice it up with this hot sauce.

4. Leftover roti + Hummus = Lebanese wrap

This Lebanese delight made out of chickpeas goes well with rice, meat, bread and steamed or sautéed vegetables. And it is a great spread or dip for all sorts of bread, not just pita. You can use leftover rotis as wraps and fill it up with whatever you like – meat, chicken or veggies. Here ‘s an easy recipe.

5. Leftover sabzi + Date and Tamarind Sauce = Aaloo chaat!

This sweet and tangy sauce goes well with any kind of cuisine. Who would have thought it could turn your boring veggies into to-die-for aaloo chaat !

Leftover sabz i = aaloo chaat . YES, please!

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6. Leftover rice + Jolokia Sauce = Rice cake

This super spicy sauce will open up all your senses!

Here’s a recipe which will clear up those sinuses:

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7. Leftover rice + Pesto Sauce = Pesto rice

Pesto is a great sauce to have and goes well with pasta, rice, meat, veggies and even as a dip. Pesto rice is one of the easiest and most delicious dishes! All you need to do is generously pour Pesto on the rice, mix it up, warm it up and eat it up!

8. Leftover sabzi + Lime and Chilli Hot Sauce = Sabzi fritatta

This will give the perfect balance to your leftover meals!

Here’s how you can make awesome fritatta with this sauce:

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9. Leftover rice + Salsa = Spanish rice

Salsa is not only for nachos. It goes really well with rice and pasta as well! Spanish rice is a tangy version of rice. Simply sauté leftover rice with garlic and onion and top it up with salsa to turn it into a Spanish delight!

10. Leftover roti + Sweet Chilli Sauce = Roti nachos

Is it sweet? Is it hot? It is both! For the times you want everything!

This is a super easy recipe:

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