In this age of antibiotics and homeopathy, yoga comes across as the healthiest alternative available. After all, what better way to cure yourselves of all the diseases, the natural way? It’s definitely way better than popping pills all day long.

Realizing this far reaching impact of yoga, several channels now have a dedicated early morning slot for this ancient practice.

Medical Plus

However, with growing relevance also comes growing dependence. And as more and more people have been building their trust on yoga, it becomes all the more important for media watchdogs to keep an eye on any and everyone propagating false notions under the garb of yoga.

As happened recently with a prestigious channel that was fined 25,000 pounds (or 24,95,299.60 lakh rupees to be precise) for making ‘cancer curing claims’.

According to The Guardian , media watchdog website ofcom had contested the claims made by Dr. Pankaj Naram on the popular yoga show, ‘Yoga For You’ broadcast by the Zee network.

Zee Tv USA

The show was broadcast on Zee Lamhe in USA.

Dr. Naram had said that 75,000 cancer patients who were given less than 3 months to live, have been leading a normal life for the past 15 years.

Ofcom found this claim especially dangerous saying that it could’ve misled the patients and forbade them from getting timely treatment.

Zee Tv USA

Ofcom generally fines repeat offenders. And though Asia TV, that holds the license for Lamhe had no past records, yet it was fined since Ofcom said the claims made were highly dangerous.

Asia TV on the other hand, had accepted responsibility, apologizing for the ‘human error’ and had stopped broadcasting the show. By the end of March, it’d stopped broadcasting the channel altogether.

Wish we had equally strict regulations in India as well!