The image of an Indian woman arises from a combination of stereotypes and the stereotypes have something to do with Saree, Sanskaari and Bechari. Even the garbled stereotypical image has no say or identity of her own, except, of that a home-maker.

The new-age Bharatiya Nari has multiple dimensions and she dons several hats. She is not just a mother, a housewife or a business woman. She is all of them and she aces it. The quintessential Indian woman of today is intelligent and opinionated and she’s not afraid to speak her mind.

Twinkle Khanna is ever bit all those things. From being a Twitter handle to a book, Mrs. Funnybones has come a long way and Twinkle is the person behind it. She is honest, witty, funny and unapologetically herself, and we love her for that.

She candidly admits there was nothing ‘normal’ about her family but that does not bother her.

She has always had an opinion and going by the picture, we can assume it has always been like that

Some things never change-even at 6-the same expression-‘step closer and you are dead meat!’ #babypictures

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3 covers of the same book #family #theindianway #blessed

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She was born into a star family and getting into Bollywood was what was expected of her. But she knew that was not what she wanted. She confidently went on to follow her passion.

In 1995, all eyes were on the cute girl Barsaat girl with cropped T-shirts and refreshingly new look. And so is now. The world always wants to know what she is up to, and all for good reasons.

#societyinteriors #thewhitewindow #glamdecor

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There are certain stereotypes about Bollywood star kids. More so for wives of stars. Twinkle proves them all wrong.

A modern Indian woman knows how to reinvent herself.

After Bollywood, Twinkle reinvented herself as an interior designer. She followed her passion and now co-owns The White Window.

Her work speaks for itself .

This is a picture of our store in Mumbai

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In 2014, she joined Twitter. And what followed was not only entertaining but also relatable. So relatable that we have been hooked on ever since.

Her sense of humour really tickles our funny bones.

Be it an attempt to be punny…

or to be funny…

…she manages to crack us up every single time!

And it’s not just about having a good sense of humor. She has witty opinions, and she expresses them candidly.

An Indian woman is taught to hold her tongue and measure her words. She is supposed to be diplomatic and polite. There are just too many things they expect us to be. One of them is to not have an opinion. And today, women defy all that.

When asked about Section 377, Twinkle’s reply was just spot on:

She was asked about a person who deserved to be in a reality show and her instant reply was Radhe Maa.

And there, she spoke her mind. And ours too:

She is brutally honest.

Be it about what Indian men want…

And one last one for the road – A homemade Ladoo by our son #MrsFunnybonesBook #MotherIndia

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…or about the bloody Period taboo, she writes what a modern Indian woman feels.

A lot of people still picture an ideal Indian woman in a sari, hands folded in a namaste. But we’ve come a long way from that.

In 2009, People magazine listed her as the 4th best-dressed celebrity in India and we couldn’t agree more. Her sense of style is impeccable.

It’s fun to play dress-up sometimes #helloindia #dressup #instaglam

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Read the weekly dna column on our Facebook page -The Domestic Situation #dna #picvogueindia #funny #weeklycolumn

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A modern Indian woman is not just about the roles she plays. She is about herself . She finds happiness in small things.

Even though she loves emeralds the most, a scooter ride in Goa, with the wind blowing in hair makes her just as happy.

A reunion with the sun,sand and my beloved scooter #Goa

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She balances her life just the right way.

She is a super mom, even when Superwoman wins the race.

And she is concerned about her family

She is a teacher,

Baba Ramdev you have competition – one day Baby Nitara will learn it all #Yoga

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and a family woman.

She knows how to have fun…

The best part about being indian ? We get to celebrate something everyday if we choose to 🙂 merry Christmas !

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…and knows how to spend her time.

#swimmingwithdolphins #travellog

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She takes care of her family and herself. And she makes it look effortless.

She is more than just a homemaker or a career-oriented woman. She fails, she reinvents and she speaks her mind. She’s a complete woman.

Way to go, girl!