We all love having a drink or two with our friends. And to be honest, sometimes, it’s when you drink with your friends, you get to see a totally different side to their nature. In fact, every little gang of friends who love to drink have a list of typical characters. Here are 10 types of drunks all of us know.

1. The guy who always gets super emotional after a few drinks. He talks about everything from how misunderstood he is to how he cherishes your friendship so much because ‘Bhai hai tu mera’.

2. The guy who spends 3 hours with one drink. Not sure if his bottle/glass automatically refills or if he takes super tiny nano sips.

3. The guy who gets super mega violent after a few drinks. Put Optimus Prime in front of him and he won’t think twice before picking up a fight.

4. The one who seems to be a bottomless vortex. No matter how many litres of drinks you pour down his throat, he just doesn’t flinch.

5. The person who starts throwing up after only a couple of drinks. But if you ask him the next day, he’ll tell you, ‘Bahut pee lee thi maine kal.’

6. The ‘shots’ guy. No matter what the occasion is or where the venue is this guy has only one suggestion to offer, “Shots!”

7. The person whose inner dancer gets unleashed after a few drinks. You get your own private dance concert if you’re drinking with this guy.

8. The Devdas. This guy just needs a slight taste of alcohol to open his large book of love quotes and love stories.

9. The one who drinks so much that he literally passes out. He’s also the one who should be most thankful to his friends who manage to get him back home safely.

10. The guy who never lets the party die. Even if you’re out of alcohol and everyone’s crawling on the ground this guy will stand tall and yell like Braveheart, ‘Let’s drink more!’