Most of us who love Game Of Thrones think “Oh! I’m the biggest, most loyal fan of the show” . And why shouldn’t we feel that way? How else would they have reached the top of the charts if it weren’t for us? However, that’s not the case. GOT’s fan following is as complex as the show. And the variety of fans they have are way too many. Here are 29 kinds of GOT fans we come across.

1. The fan who has read all the books.

Commendable! Just don’t let out any spoilers.

Source: winteriscoming

2. The fan who hasn’t read the books.

Some of us simply aren’t avid readers. Regardless, a fan!

3. The fan with all the spoilers.

The most annoying kind of fan. One thing is to know all the spoilers, the other is to screw it up for the rest of us who don’t. Watch and let watch!

4. The fan who loves the drama but not the violence.

Ah, the faint hearted!

5. The fan who loves the show for all the ‘skin-show’!

Or the one who got hooked to it because of a well-known pornstar.

6. The fan who’d indulge in a heated GOT debate instead of the one on elections.

7. The GOT-nazi fan.

You dare speak a word against the show and this fan will shower all the gyaan at your shrine and you’ll be left disturbed.

8.The fan who’s a know-it-all.

From the books to all the spoilers and cast trends, this one has the whispers on everything!

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9. The fan who remembers all the popular dialogues.

And does well to use them.

10. The fan who doesn’t understand a word that comes out of Varys and Littlefinger’s lips.

Some of us cannot comprehend all the ‘deep’ stuff. And these two are a little twisted with their rhetoric. No big deal. We can still sail through.

11. The fan who finds history in the series.

Ha ha. On a serious note, it does have many plots taken from history and of course, the Westeros’s map was inspired by England and Ireland.

12. The fan who thinks George R.R. Martin is a sick man but loves the show nonetheless.

Admit it. Some parts can give you sleepless nights.

13. The fan who can’t remember any of the names.

Basically, the one who cannot tell Varys from Viserys. Can you?

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14. The fan who cannot remember the places.

“Wait, Westeros is on which side of the wall again?”

15. The fan who thinks books are better than the series.

To each his/her own.

16. And the fan who thinks vice versa.

Most of the people in this category haven’t read the books. But well, why should the world know? Just have a biased opinion towards the show. m/

17. The fan who stopped watching after the death of his/her favorite character.

I know it hurts but you’ve got to be strong! Okay? Start watching it again.

18. The fan who quotes Tyrion the most.

Let’s face it. Tyrion is a notch above the rest of the characters. Witty, sarcastic, intelligent and an absolute charm!

19. The fan who began watching after he/she heard about the dragons!

“Dragons hain usme? Really? What about unicorns and phoenix?” This fan loves the mystical side of the show. Including the white walkers (I think they’re awesome too)!

20. The fan who has seen all the seasons more than 5 times!


21. The fan who gets disgusted by the incest.

*Hits fast forward*

Source: Tumblr

22. The fan who stopped watching the show because of Joffrey. But got back after his death.

This fan is so not a true GOT fan. You don’t quit on your favorite thing just because it has a mole. The mole always dies!

23. The fan who started watching the show after the fifth season released.

Better late than never.

24. The fan who judges those who don’t watch Game Of Thrones.


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25. The fan with all the GOT merchandise.

Who knows they maybe even have a replica of the Iron Throne?

26. The fan who is active on all the GOT social media threads.

Facebook: Oberyn Martell dead! :O 🙁 🙁 DAMN YOU, Sir Martin! Twitter: Finally an off day. GOT marathon time. #love @GameOfThrones

27. The pretentious fan who’s only a fan because his/her friend is one.

Hah! Gotcha!

28. The fan who everyone consults on any GOT-trivia/doubts.

Someone has to sort out the confusion for those who cannot do it themselves.

29. Lastly, the fan who loves to write about it.

Geddit, geddit? 🙂

What do we say to people who don’t understand our GOT craze?