Ours is a generation breeding on the Internet and feedback and word of mouth are things that really matter to us. We form opinions by reading what we see on the web and like to share that opinion with others.When one Pankaj Sharma did the same by sharing his bad experience at Underdoggs Sports Bar & Grill, Gurgaon, little would he have expected what followed.

This is what he posted on Zomato

The management replied to his review. But not in a way that he was expecting. They wrote:

“We will appreciate it if you do not visit our places again.” Really now? Is shutting your doors the best way to handle an honest feedback?

Source : www.burrp.com

Customers are what can make or break a place for you. Being a little polite wouldn’t hurt now, would it? Wait till you read their clarification of the response. This is how they tried to make up for it later:

I have been to the place and it’s not all that bad, but looks like someone really needs to up their PR quotient.


If you think this was bad, wait till you see what this Pune restaurant did on Zomato.