Our monotonous lives are an invitation to several physiological problems. Obesity clearly tops this list and thus merits a lot of our attention. Physical activity and healthy eating require a lot of efforts so we reach out to shortcuts. We try and try to keep ourselves fit and pay heed to all the advice that pours in from all sectors which is misleading more often than not.

Here are food items that you thought aid in weight loos but actually do quite the opposite :

1. Protein Shakes

Now aren’t protein shakes just proteins? How wrong could you go by accommodating them in your diet? Quite wrong it seems. The flavoring added to the shakes make them so NOT fat-free. Thus, you need to work-out more in order to reach your fitness goals.


2. Smoothies

No, smoothies are not the healthiest things you can lay your hands on. Though when consumed occasionally, without creamy milk or yogurt, smoothies are good for you. But the fruits retain all their sugar content.


3. Cornflakes

The high Glycemic Index of cornflakes makes it a terrible breakfast option. According to the American heart Association, cornflakes is just empty calories without any nutrients.

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4. Frozen Yogurt

Frozen yogurt is so much better than ice cream right? Because it has fruits, right? Well, frozen yogurt packs about as many calories as ice cream. Not really a healthier option.


5. Salads

Yes, there are certain salads which are healthy. But just affixing salad to a dish doesn’t make it healthy. And some of the salads pack more calories than your daily requirements.

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6. Muesli

You’ll be surprised to know that the muesli you’ve been stocking up thinking its healthy, is actually not. It scores high on the sugar and calory meter. But it is definitely better than other cereals which are much more fattening like cornflakes or granola.


7. Fruit Juice

Fruit juice is just that – fruit juice. On being converted from raw fruits to juice, precious fibre is lost and the sugar content per helping goes up. So you consume more sugar to feel full. Thus causing more harm than benefit to your body.


8. Diet Coke

Not healthier than the real deal, no matter what you want to believe. In fact it makes your body retain more sugar because of the artificial sweeteners and causes serious weight gain.

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9. Sports Drinks

So you have been drinking Gatorade thinking you’ve fought the unhealthier options like soda and diet soda? It is an option that you may succumb to after a rigorous exercise routine, but the sugar will add to your weight and the vitamin contain may cause vitamin-toxicity.

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10. Low Calorie Sweeteners

Giving up sugar was difficult for you. But you did it in the hope of knocking off those extra pounds. But guess what? Artificial sweeteners are not helping! They add just as many calories and in fact make your body retain more sugars.

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11. Brown Bread/ Multigrain Bread

Touted as a healthier option in comparison to other breads because of a lower flour content, it still contains as much as 70% flour. Thus, it is not entirely healthy and packs quite a lot of calories.


12. Peanut Butter

It is butter at the end of the day! Though it does contain fewer saturated fats than butter, the packaged form has preservatives which can help you pack more calories than required.

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13. Packaged Soup

The high sodium content in packaged soups make them an exceptionally unhealthy snack. When you find yourself opening a pack instead of eating Mac&Cheese;, eat the Mac & Cheese instead. It will harm your calorie chart just as much but taste better!


If knocking off those extra kilos is on your agenda, make sure you make an informed decision for your diet chart.