Sometimes our fantasies can influence us more than our realities, especially when we are kids. We believe what we are told and what we see. But there’s no reason not to when some of these shape us into the people we grow up to be. With all the lessons we learn much before we start to use our common sense, it’s almost epic how certain fantasy characters and creations have managed to have an impact on our lives.

Here’s a list of 11 such people. Check them out!

1. Santa Claus

Santa Claus is coming to town… our highlight of every Christmas! Whether we’re Christians or not, as kids I can’t think of anyone who didn’t expect a gift from Santa every year on the 25th of December. And you wouldn’t dare question his existence. Christmas was incomplete without him. Christmas carols, secret Santa rituals and all the red and white party attires, pretty much sums up our Christmas.

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2. Barbie

Barbie dolls, Barbie clothes, Barbie kitchen set, Barbie accessories and a Barbie boyfriend! I had them all. We idolized her ‘pretty in pink’ attitude and loved to play with all of it in our spare time. Her presence was such that they even made a song on her, followed by a little Indian spoof of the same #DevangPatelRemix. How many real people do you know with such influence?

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3. Chacha Chaudhary

Did you not think he was the smartest guy on planet Earth (until you heard about Einstien and the like)? The way he would solve cases in a jiffy was an absolute treat to read. And let’s not forget his super-strong alien friend, Sabu! Blessed with the smartest mind, all of us wanted to be as smart as him. Thanks, Pran, for creating this surreal character!

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4. Shaktimaan

Instead of saying “Sorry Mummy!”, “Sorry Shaktimaan” was what we said after misbehaving! Yes, that’s how real we thought he was. His teachings and blessings were our daily ritual after school hours. Superhero, living a dual life, cool, smart and strong! No reason to think he’d be unreal, right?


5. Tooth fairy

“Don’t worry beta, the tooth fairy will take away all the pain and gift you with something nice!” Remember this reassurance from your mother every time you lost a tooth? And every time, a gift or two would magically appear under our pillow! Our mommy dears played the tooth fairy role really well, but back then the fairy was real! Oh-so-real!

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6. Tarzan

Honestly, half of us thought Tarzan and not Adam, was the first man on Earth! Until of course, we got movies and serials showing us a different picture. He was created in 1914 and there have been almost 25 sequels, both authorized and unauthorized, of his picturisation. As good as real, I’d say!

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7. Mowgli

Jungle jungle pata chala hai, chaddi pehen ke phool khila hai … An epic song for an epic character, this boy rules our hearts even today. In fact, finding Mowgli used to be a thing in my group as a kid. From books to TV shows, he and his group of animal friends taught us a lot of things!

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8. Robin Hood

Archer, swordsman and a heroic outlaw who took from the rich and gave to poor. Since the medieval periods, this man has been represented in so many ways that it’s impossible to deny his existence. A strong figure so many of us still associate with. How I wish he was real!

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9. Vikram & Betaal

Betaal’s riddles and Vikram’s valour, now this is what a power couple meant back then. From the original scripts to the versions we watched on TV, we as kids couldn’t ask for a better Vampire to entertain us.


10. Romeo & Juliet

Love like Romeo & Juliet or give up trying. That’s how important these two are to the paradigms of love and romance. Shakespeare’s brain-couple, these guys truly introduced the concept of dying for the one you love. And a lot of people still believe their story is real!

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11. James Bond

The name’s Bond, James Bond. He introduced us to the world of spies and we’ve loved him since. After all, this how we got hooked to the Vesper Martinis. He was the coolest guy in town and continues to be!

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Wish they were real!