Let's just begin by saying that your boyfriend loves you very, very much. But like all great boyfriends (and girlfriends), your guy has a wee little problem. He just doesn't know the art of romance. You've seen him wrack his head trying to come up with the perfect little romantic gestures, only to end up with a perfect little blunder. You know what I'm saying?

Well, here are just a few things that you've gotten used to as his girlfriend:

1. He can never remember your birthday unless you drop sly hints to remind him.

It's the same story for any other important day.

2. And the one time he remembered it all by himself, you heard the reminder ringing on his phone.

3. He thinks driving across the town to get a job done counts as long, romantic drive.

4. His surprises are never really surprises. You have to pretend to be excited.

Surprise! I got you a wiper for your bathroom! Now you don't have to suffer having a wet bathroom ever again!

5. He can never come up with a good gift idea, no matter how hard he tries.

Umm...socks? Cream? Nail cutter? Hey! You like manicures!

6. He doesn't get the point of a candlelit dinner. Why would you use a candle when you have electricity?

Yes, why?

7. When he tells you he got some cake for you, you know that there's a chance he ate it up already.

8. When you tell him "aaj ghar pe koi nahi hai" he asks you to lock the door and be careful.

9. Over time, you have come to realise that trying to subtly hint at things is just not worth the trouble.

10. He gets restless if you kiss him during a movie, because you're distracting him from the plot.

11. He's awkward to hug/hold hands with, because it's a weird thing to do in public.

12. It's impossible to watch a romcom with him, because he keeps finding fault with the plot.

13. If you try to share his ice cream, he just buys you your own.

14. When you plan for a nice trip together, he calls all his friends to go along.

15. At times, in his bid to be romantic, he tries to copy things from your favourite movie only for it to go completely out of hand.

16. He genuinely wants to take you out to a fancy restaurant, but the thought of paying four times the regular amount for a plate of pasta drives him nuts.

17. Seeing you cry sends him into panic mode. He has no idea what to do.

It's not like he doesn't want to be romantic. Just that he doesn't know how to. And while most of his attempts at romance are hilarious, they also make him look downright adorable.