Food is serious business. Those who believe this will understand how important it is to keep finding new avenues to feed this interest, this passion. Fear not, there are several people who think alike and have worked hard to make sure that every foodie has something really and truly different to cherish. Let’s take a look at some of these truly innovative and unusual restaurants that can be found in India :

1. Cross Cafe, Mumbai – Decor inspired by Nazi propaganda

Formerly known as Hitler’s cross , this eatery in Mumbai invited the wrath of Jewish organisations around the world. They thought that naming the place after Hitler whose reign is remembered as one of the darkest periods of history for the Jews and other minority communities was spreading the wrong message. Punit Sablok later decided to adopt the name Cross cafe and replace the swastikas which were a part of the decor with multi-colored rings.

Source: Mamamiia

2. Hijackk Cafe, Ahmedabad – prepare to be held hostage for a food ride

Moistclay media started this venture where customers are taken for a tour of Ahmedabad. The tour lasts for an hour or two and lets its customers enjoy good food while traversing the lanes of Ahmedabad. The name earned a lot of flak from the public because of the nonchalant use of the word ‘hijack’. Their tag line is “When was the last time you did something for the first time?”

Source: Mamamiia

3. Taste of Darkness, Hyderabad – Experience food in absolute darkness

A unique dining concept where customers don’t see but experience their food. The entire cafe is masked by absolute darkness and the customers learn much about the lives of the visually impaired. To add to the experience are the shaking bridge and the park experience.

Source: the better India

4. Tihar Food Court, Delhi- Eat at South Asia’s largest prison complex

The Tihar jail is famous for the efforts the authorities keep making to help the inmates. Establishing a food court is another step in this direction. Convicts are employed as waiters and staff at the restaurant. The food has been praised by many and patrons especially compliment the polite service of the staff.

Source: Times of India

5. New Lucky Restaurant, Ahmedabad – dine amidst the dead

Owner Krishnan Kutti did something not many businessmen can attempt. He decided to operate his restaurant in a space which was a graveyard. Not just this, he chose to keep the graves and set up the restaurant around them. He believes that the graves bring him good luck. And truly, the crowd which pours in to enjoy the tea and freshly made rolls is never disappointed.

Source: Jugglu

6. Veli Lake Floating Restaurant, Trivandrum – Eat in the middle of a lake

Kerala has a lot to offer and this unique restaurant is a part of that list. The villagers of Veli established an entire village in the middle of the lake and the floating restaurant is a part of the village. There are floating bridges that one has to cross to reach the restaurant. The food is prepared using the local produce.

Source: Photobucket

7. The Bar Stock Exchange, Mumbai – Where prices of drinks rise and fall according to demand

A pub which works on the principles of the stock market . People can buy drinks for prices as low as their cost price when the ‘market’ opens and at zero-hour. The prices of drinks keep changing according to their popularity. The more popular a drink is, the more it costs.

Source: Financial express

8. 70 mm, Hyderabad – Feel the thrill of cinema

As the name suggests, the joint tries to recreate the feel of large-screen cinema for movie-enthusiasts. And it is at a complete new-level of passionate. The walls and ceilings are decorated with pictures of film stars and the fans are never disappointed.

Source: Book your table

9. Social Offline, Delhi – Where work and fun co-exist

A place which allows people to enjoy their work. Established with the aim of creating a space which allows its customers to stay connected even when offline. Its an urban hangout where work blends with fun. Combines the best of an office and a cafe.

Source: Workspot

10. Firangi Dhaba , Mumbai – Eat in an auto

Auto-rickshaws are the lifeline of Indian transportation system. But who would have thought of incorporating them in a restaurant? This dhaba has done it and how. The interiors are just the right amount of desi and one can sit in an auto and enjoy a meal.

Source: Buzzintown

11. Nature’s Toilet Cafe, Ahmedabad – Eat while you sit on a lavatory

India’s first ever toilet-themed restaurant, this cafe has a toilet garden around it which boasts of a collection of more than twenty lavatories and urinals which date as far back as the 1950s. The signboard outside the loo carries the sign “Haash!”. The founder Jayesh Patel is the son of Ishwarbhai Patel who established the toilet garden. He was strangely called ‘ Baby Toilet ‘ because of this weird legacy.

Source: India today

12. Kaidi Kitchen, Chennai – Experience eating in a jail

Set up like a jail, this restaurant has staff dressed as inmates and jailers. Though the food is rated as average by customers, the decor makes it something to add to your bucket list.

Source: The Hindu

13. NASA, Bangalore – Lots of ‘space’

Though this place has been shut down, it deserves a mention on this list. Modeled like a spaceship, the waiters at this pub wore spacesuits and looked like astronauts . The entire pub was swathed in neon-blue light which gave the customers an other-worldly feel. Sadly, it had to make way for a multinational food chain. Hope something like this opens once more to entertain enthusiasts.

Source: Timescity

Palatable or not, you decide.