We all love sweets, but most of us are quite happy having the regular gulab jamuns and rasgullas and chocolates. We never try out anything new. Who would have thought that combining different food items would give us such unique, mouth-watering dishes? Here are 13 Indian sweets that you must try once in your lifetime:

1. Singhare ki Barfi

Don't underestimate the savoury flavour of this sweet dish made with water chestnut flour and sugar. This gooey barfi is coated with almonds and pistachios which give its taste a crunchy twist. Accompanied with hot pooris or on its own, this sweet dish always tastes delicious.


2. Apple ki Kheer

The combination of apple and kheer might sound different. But the combination of these two is a treat for your taste buds. This crumbly kheer decorated with dry fruits will always make you come back for more.


3. Bread Rasmalai

Bread roll, bread pakora, bread toast, bread rasmalai? Yes, t his unique dish cooked in desi ghee with sweet mawa is ready to blow your mind. When you take a bite, you will enjoy the juiciness of sweet milk along with the crunchy bread piece. Serve it with milk to enjoy the creamy flavour of bread rasmalai .


4. Kali Gajjar ka Halwa

Gajjar ka Halwa! Yummy! But have you ever heard of Kali Gajjar ka Halwa? It's enjoyed with sweetened yogurt and some walnuts. This tempting, rare dish is every health lover's dream sweet. A recipe couldn't be more filling and sumptuous at the same time. Voila!


5. Lauki ki Kheer

We generally don't associate lauki with happy memories, it has always haunted us as a kid. But hold your breath because this time, it has come up with a tasty twist. Lauki ki Kheer is something that you have to try at least once in your lifetime. Loaded with cashews and almonds, this sweet dish will leave you salivating.


6. Kele ka Halwa

Craving for a tropical sweet dish? Here is exactly what you need to try. Prepared with ripe banana pulp, this sensational dish will take you to the seventh heaven as soon as you take a bite.


7. Sweet Potato Halwa

You must have enjoyed shakarkandi chaat at local markets. Here is yet another star of a dish from the same ingredient. The rich flavours of sweet potato halwa will keep you hooked to it till the last bite. Garnish it with raisins and finely chopped almond.


8. Adrak-Ganne ka Gola

You must have enjoyed ganne ka ras and gola before. Now imagine these two coming together with a hint of ginger and mint. That's some mouthwatering sweet we all need after a hectic day. This instant cooler will immediately relax you, leaving a minty taste in your mouth.


9. Makhan Malai

Makhan + Malai = That's what I am eating after lunch. This silky-smooth sweet dish will melt in your mouth with a rich taste. This snow-white dish topped with sunshine yellow bread will give you an instant foodgasm. Garnish it with silver vark and it is ready to bowl over your taste buds.


10. Ghari

This stunner of a dish will pep you up instantly. As you indulge in the fine taste of this sweet, you'll discover different flavours of richly layered mawa oozing out. Savour this tempting mawa dish wrapped in crispy poori with cold milk. Source

11. Pazham Pori

No recipe can go wrong when cooked with bananas. This scrumptious sweet from South India is definitely a winner. Enjoy the crispy banana fritters with piping hot tea on a cool breezy day.


12. Kaddu ki Kheer

Believe me when I say pumpkin has never tasted so tempting. This absolutely unmatched halwa is a powerhouse of flavours. The dish is made of perfectly mashed pumpkin and it looks like a sunny sky, garnished with chilled berries and melon seeds. Here, your treat is ready!


13. Jamun Ice Cream

A creamy ice cream is synonymous with comfort food. And this jamun flavoured ice cream is the perfect post meal sweet that will make you drool instantly. Mildly sugary, this piece of heaven tastes delicious with a dollop of whipped cream.


These sumptuous sweet dishes definitely do justice to India ka swaad. Indulgence was never such a discovery!