Holi is a major festival for a lot of Indians. There are even several Bollywood songs & sequences celebrating this vibrant & colorful festival. However, there are still some people out there who shy away from playing. And they really have no clue what they are missing out on! So we have decided to let them know exactly why they should be part of this year's Holi!

Here's a list of 20 compelling reasons why no one should vanish this Holi!

1. The only time when you can see adults also behave like children.

holi_4 2. The one time no one minds being hit with water balloons by total strangers. holi_5

3. The one-day when all Indians just look the same.


4. The only occasion when you can smear your boss with color and not get fired.


5. You get to eat ten different gujjiyas from ten different friends/parties.


6. There's no other day when you can walk around spraying people with big ass bazookas.


7. The one-day when strangers become friends within seconds.


8. This is probably the only day when you'll have most fun with people twice your age or half your age.


9. Let’s face it, what Tomatina festival is to Spain, Holi is to India. And it is double the fun!


10. This day gives us ample opportunities to come up with some real crazy profile pictures.


11. And probably the only time you meet friends outside & not in clubs.

holi_14 12. It is the only festival when the Internet gets lonely so you might as well head out & participate in all the fun. holi_1 13. Eggs or organic, there’s an option for everyone. holi_2

14. Rest assured, whatever you do, you can always get away with ‘ !’


15. It is the only time of the year when you can crack Holi-day puns & people actually find humor in that.


16. Incase you’re a journalist; it’s the only ‘Holi-day’ you get.


17. The only time when you absolutely don’t care about a bad hair day & rock a purple mane.


18. And probably the only time when greasy oil sits pretty on your hair for long.


19. And definitely, the only time when you don’t mind real, dirty clothes. Infact, you rock it!

20. And in case, you are really finicky about your clothes getting dirty, you always have a !

Still, if you really decide to run away from Holi, beware, !