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Nov 19, 2015 at 20:25

13 Badass Vladimir Putin Quotes That Can Put Even Hollywood Action Heroes To Shame

by Gaurav Arora

India might not be on the same page with the Eastern power block, Russia, on some issues, but is that reason enough to stop us from acknowledging the most badass President to walk the planet? No, I say!

Russian President Vladimir Putin has in fact done one helluva job holding the President's office in his state for so long. In Putin, we have a politician who plays with SMGs, flies planes, rides ranch horses and even practices judo throws in his free time. However, the most admirable thing about the Russian leader is that he speaks his mind and takes a stand on critical issues with incredible aplomb.

And by all this slick filmy stuff that he does and says, we're not at all implying that Putin is the coolest, we're just saying that if James Bond and Lara Croft ever went in for IVF procedure together, they should definitely name their child Vladimir Putin!

Here are 13 badass Vladimir Putin quotes that will put most Hollywood action heroes to shame:














Design Credits: Vineet Kumar

Love him or hate him. You certainly can't ignore him.

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