From Martinis to Cosmopolitans, we have cracked up all the cocktail recipes there are. Drink it with fizz, drink it with juice or just drink it neat – we’ve tried all that is possible with vodka. After all it’s the ultimate party goer’s favourite quencher.

But what we don’t know, or maybe even haven’t considered, is that this Russian drink has way more to it than we know.

So here are 10 uses of vodka, other than getting drunk on it.

1. Use vodka as a cleaning agent

Vodka is a brilliant cleaning agent. It can challenge Colin any day when it comes to cleaning glass. You can also use it to those rigid stains on your sink and lampshades.

2. Vodka is great for removing odour from clothes.

Spritz down your garments with a vodka dilution and forget those expensive dry cleaning bills.

3. Remove your garden weed with vodka

Just spray them on those stubborn weeds and watch them die faster!

4. Use vodka for stinky feet

Dab some vodka on a hand towel and rub all over your stinky feet. It deodorizes them instantly. So what if they smell like vodka? You can also spray some inside your dirty shoes and make the stink go.

5. Make your own vodka ice pack

Mix half portions of vodka and water and freeze it in a zip-lock. There you go, you have an ice pack to soothe those aches.

6. Use vodka in your shampoo

Your hair also might need a drink. Vodka helps with dandruff problems and gives your hair that extra shine. Just pour a drink’s worth in your shampoo bottle, mix it well and you’re good to go!

7. Vodka is a great toner

Dab some on a cotton ball and apply to clean your face. Guys, you can add a few drops of essential oils, and use it as an after shave too.

8. Use vodka to cure toothaches

If you have a sore tooth and can’t make it to the dentist right away, wash your mouth with a mix of vodka and water. The antiseptic helps in killing bacteria and the alcohol numbs the pain. Great, isn’t it?

9. Clean old jewellery by soaking them in vodka

Soak those tiny pieces of junk jewellery so close to your heart for 45 minutes, and viola! They look all new again.

10. Vodka keeps your flowers fresh for longer

The next time you buy flowers for the house, pour a few drops of vodka in the vase water. You’ll be surprised how long they stay fresh.

And all we ever did was get drunk on it! *sighs*