For most of us, the Internet begins and ends with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. However, a handful of enterprising human beings have taken to the World Wide Web and used it as a platform to showcase their wacky business ideas and one-of-a-kind services and products.

These businesses not only have a goddamn website, but are also earning quite a bit of money as well. Hold on tight, because this list will blow your mind;

1. : Because every doggie deserves a pair of fashionable goggles.

Doggles not only make dogs look uber chic, but protect their big old amber eyes at the same time.

2. : Because no one should deal with a hangover alone.

These guys clean the mess after a party, make you breakfast and get you Gatorade. They’re like butlers for the #YOLO generation.

3. : Because revenge is best served with shit!

Send your frenemies the perfect gift, a steaming pile of shit. You can choose the kind of shit you want to send, along with its quantity. And the best part is, the whole thing is completely anonymous.

4. : Because sometimes, you just don’t want to pick that poop.

Too pooped to scoop after your pooch? Have no fear, because Pet Butler is here. They literally pick up where your dog left off.

5. : Because vacuum cleaners are great for haircuts!

Why spend money on fancy hair salons when you can cut your hair, at home, with a vacuum cleaner? Genius!

6. : Because a blanket that can hug you back is the shizzle.

Say goodbye to fighting over the blanket and get yourself a snuggie. It’ll keep you warm and keep you from feeling lonely at the same time.

7. IDoButNowIDon’ : Because one man’s accursed diamond ring is another man’s treasure.

These people let guys and girls left at the altar sell their engagement rings and move on with their lives. Those tokens of broken hearts are then sold at discount prices to couples looking to take the plunge on a budget. It’s a win-win situation, wouldn’t you say?

8. : Because a chicken can be a fun pet too!

This business is all about dropping two adult sized chickens in your back yard that you can raise as pets (or food). It’s fun, hassle free and possibly quite tasty!

9. : Because some sites work better offline.

Desi Martini came up with a novel way to attract its clients online by developing a website on Rajnikant that works offline . You literally have to disconnect your Internet to browse through this one.

10. : Because all that glitters is not gold.

Send glitter to people you hate because there is nothing more annoying than cleaning up after a bag of glitter explodes in your face. Glitter sticks to everything, so you can be sure your enemy will have a hard time after said glitter explosion.

Hitting closer to home is the story of Vicky the make-up artist, whose business hit a home run after he created a website on BigRock.

If these businesses can have a website of their own, then there is no reason why your business shouldn’t have one too. Register your business on BigRock, get your own unique domain name and see your business flourish!