If it were up to us, we wouldn’t let the sun rise until about 1 in the afternoon just so that we can pack in some more hours to snooze on! But let’s face it, sometimes whether you like it or not, things around you end up waking you up! For us Indians, it’s not always the traditional alarm clock that stirs us awake in the morning! Here are 10 ways people wake up in India:

1. For most people, especially youngsters who live alone, the one thing that acts as a sure shot wake up call has to be the constant ringing of the doorbell by the maid.

2. Keeping the loudest, most piercing kind of music – mostly bhangra – as the alarm on your smartphone!

3. Early morning power cuts that snatch you away from some fantastic dream land and leave you in a pool of sweat!

4. The ear-shattering screams of the sabziwaala in the morning doesn’t just get the aunties out of the kitchen, it gets you off the bed as well!

5. The loud thud of the rolled up newspaper accurately hitting your window or your balcony door can jolt you out of even the soundest sleep!

6. You might not hear roosters in Indian cities anymore but you’ll definitely hear the sharp cries of stray dogs and angry crows who are very early risers!

7. Your mom pulling the blanket off you while simultaneously accusing you of having too many late nights and scolding you for being lazy! And she will not let you be until both your feet are on the ground!

8. Seeing the word “Boss” flash across your mobile screen can jolt you into consciousness faster than anything else in the world!

9. The shouting contest that starts early morning between residents over cars parked in the wrong spots!

You just can’t go back to sleep after getting woken up by one of these fights!

10. Back to back text messages from your annoying phone operator asking you to check out some new useless feature they have come up with!

Not only does it rudely wake you up it leaves you in a very bad mood for the entire day!

On the bright side, no matter how you wake up in the morning there is a way you can still start the day on a positive note. One healthy delicious glass of Mother Dairy Milk can kick the blues away and turn every morning into a good morning!

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