If you are one of those who don’t categorize with straight or curly hair, and are most often stuck in the middle, with disgruntled, no-way out frustrating feelings, then welcome to the world of the waves! If there is a hair-type completely ignored by our beauticians, it has to be the wavy-type, hands down! And the sad part is, we just have to live with it.

Here are 15 struggles every woman with wavy hair can relate to.

1. Your hair is neither completely straight nor curly. And a mix of the two is a total disaster!

It’s like a combination of chicken wings and strawberry yogurt ! Absolutely displeasing!

2. And so, you hate it when people ask you: “Straight hai ya curly? New style karwaya?”

It’s wavy for god’s sake! It’s a type. Not a hairstyle!

3. Your hair has just one style, no matter what you try!

All your efforts go waste when your hair, without any warning, go back to the good ol’ frizz. Heartbreaking!

4. You have too many ‘bad-hair’ days.

Let’s face it! Most often, your “just-woke-up” look becomes your “look of the day.”

5. It’s difficult for you to find apt hair-products for yourself.

Your conquest for finding the right product for your hair never seems to end and so, you end up buying anything and everything in the market!

6. Your hair is as fickle as the weather. One drop of rain and your hair goes astray!

In fact, humidity is your well-found enemy.

7. Adding volume to your hair is like blowing it out of proportion. Literally!

8. You are never sure about what your hair will do if you let it air-dry on its own.

They’re like the direction-less youth of our times. They do whatever the hell they want. But, why on your head?

9. You can experiment all you want with your hair but they end up looking the same after the first wash!

Unless there is a dramatic change in the length of your hair, or you colour them blue, your money spent is a waste.

10. And certain hairstyles are just off-limits for you. Like bangs and bob!

Unless you decide to do some extra mehnat just to manage them every day.

11. You cannot travel without a straightener or a curler, because your hair is that unpredictable!

How else will you save your hair from looking hideous?

12. You curse the FMCG industry for not helping you out enough!

There should be some recourse for you.

13. Hair spas are usually of no use to you. They look messy, regardless!

14. There have been days when you decided to stay-in because of your hair!

Basically, your hair decide if you’re going out today or not.

15. Despite everything, you know your hair is the most versatile type, because it can survive anything!

Your friends with straight and/or curly hair have fewer possibilities. You have way too many, including the unwanted ones. It may look hideous after all, but let’s not get there.