It is hurtful when people use harsh words like ‘clutter’ and ‘trash’ to describe your precious stuff. You have formed an emotional bond with all your belongings and the absence of even the least important thing makes life feel incomplete. Oh sorry, there is nothing such as ‘less important’ when it comes to your stuff. You may climb the highest mountain and swim the widest river, but one thing you’ll NEVER do is throw away  your stuff!

If you are still possessive about stuff you haven’t worn in the last 5 years and will probably never wear again, this article is all about you!

1. There’s some back story for every single thing you own. You feel guilty to throw them/give them away because they’re an integral part of your life.

2. You are now using a state-of-the-art smartphone but you still have your non-functioning Nokia 3310. You even have the box!

3. You open gifts very carefully, so you can save the wrapping paper.

4. Your wardrobe can beat India’s population explosion. You keep buying new clothes but you’ll never give away your old, faded, torn ones.

5. The only thing that can give your wardrobe competition is your fridge!

6. People don’t remember what they gave you but you do, because you have birthday cards from the last 10 years kept safely.

7. Under your mattress lies your precious poly-bag stash, all carefully folded and saved in case of an apocalypse.

8. You don’t throw away empty perfume bottles and their boxes. Because, the fragrance reminds you of the one who gifted it to you.

9. Your mom-made goodies like pickles last forever because you won’t share them, and you consume them in tiny amounts.

10. You don’t really need a house. You have so many cartons lying around at your place, you can actually live in them.

11. You maid asks you these two questions EVERY SINGLE DAY:    ” Yeh phenk doon? ”    ” Yeh main le loon?

No prizes for guessing your answer, EVERY SINGLE TIME.

12. Your parents/flatmates throw away your old stuff without telling you and you don’t notice. But, later when they mention it, all hell breaks loose!

13. From medicines to shampoo bottles to foodstuff, your house is overflowing with expired stuff.

14. Every morning when you hear the Kabaddiwaala’s call,  you feel a strange sense of uneasiness.

15. The day you decide to clean up, you can’t figure out where to start. And then you just give up.

16. Even if you live in a mansion, you feel you don’t have enough space, because you just have too much stuff!

No, you are not a hoarder. You are an ethical person who believes in providing a good and loving home to inanimate objects.