For some of you, being rude or confrontational is probably the hardest thing in the world. You make a conscious effort to be extra nice to the people around you but it doesn’t always work out for you the way it should. In today’s world, being too polite comes with a fair share of downsides. Here’s a list of 10 daily struggles excessively polite people face on a day to day basis.

1. You have lost track of the number of times you end up doing somebody else’s work for them because you’re just too damn polite to say ‘Deal with your own shit!’

2. Several ‘friends’ have unsettled debts with you because they completely ignore paying your money back and you feel it’s rude to remind them that they owe you money.

3. People often take advantage of your soft-spoken nature and take credit for your ideas and hard work.

4. Whenever you wait in line for something, it lasts for ages because the people behind you cut ahead in line and you’re too nice to take them by the collar and send them back.

5. You never give bad reviews at restaurants even if the food tastes like a cement. You feel that criticizing the food or the restaurant would be impolite.

6. When douche-bags shamelessly take your seat in airplanes and ask “if you mind” relocating to their seat all the way in the back, you feel like throwing them off the flight but ultimately shift to the shitty seat out of politeness.

7. When strangers make long ass boring conversations with you that last forever, instead of telling them to shut the hell up, you keep smiling and nodding your head indefinitely.

8. Half the stuff you own ends up getting borrowed but never returned by the people around you because you don’t want to feel like a jerk for demanding your stuff back.

9. Your roommates always end up making you do all the tedious things around the house while all they do is laze around.

10. You always end up paying for the people you hang out with!

Ah, politeness. It’s a double edged sword.