It’s time we come to terms with the fact that TV is dying. Especially for our generation, who barely watch TV anymore. Repeats of Hollywood TV serials and abominable Indian melodramas are all that we get. And thus, hyper torrenting becomes our only option.

So what do we do? Well, we use our Internet for some other fruitful entertainment, like watch web series. You may like them, you may hate them, but they are the next big thing in town and you simply cannot ignore them. Especially these epic ones:

1. Baked

You know how sometimes things don’t go according to plan and you end up in deep shit? Well, this epic stoner comedy, a first of its kind with 40 characters, 30 locations, and 22-minute-long episodes, will remind you of all the times you got baked . Revolving around three crazy DU students/flatmates and their hilarious misadventures, this series will take you on a crazy Delhi Belly-like rollercoaster ride you must gear up for now if not sooner!

P.S.: Sorry for the shameless plug, but this shit is actually good and has been getting rave reviews.

Here’s the trailer . The first two episodes are already out. You can watch them here.

2. Permanent Roommates

The Viral Fever’s ultimate creation on relationship chronicles. Revolving around the lives of Tanya and Mikesh, who’ve been in a long-distance relationship for 3 long years, the plot begins with an unexpected marriage proposal from Mikesh. What follows is an amalgamation of fun, drama and revelations, that surround most of us who’ve been in a relationship. You cannot miss this one.

Source: TVF

Check it out here .

3. H+: The Digital Series

If you’re an X-Men fan, you’d know of director Bryan Singer, who also happens to be the producer of this show. With special effects and an apocalyptic sci-fi touch, this web series is all set to blow your mind. Thank John Cabera for bringing an epic tech-twist to your web-screens!

Source: H+The Digital Series

Check out the teaser here .

4. S.O.S: Save Our Skins

What would you do if you find that you and your friend are the only two people left on planet Earth? S.O.S . might help you there. This 13 episodes long web series has been the winner of the Best British Series at Raindance Web Fest in 2014 and is about two British nerds who visit New York for a sci-fi convention but wake up to a place void of humans! Horror + comedy + sci-fi, this one makes for one hell of a show!


Watch the teaser here .

5. F to 7th

With guest stars like Kristen Connolly ( House of Cards) amongst others, this show is by far the best you can create on homosexuality. It’s about a gay woman struggling to find herself amidst all the jazz surrounding modern day sexuality. The series has been a hit with 2 seasons out already and is on its way for a third this year. How about you catch up before the next one’s out?

Source: Ingrid Jungermann

Here’s the trailer .

6. Video Game High School

If you’re up for some high school drama, this one is for you. But here’s the thing. This is no ordinary high school. Here you don’t learn English and Maths, but how to ace video games. Wish we had such schools for real. Nonetheless, whether you’re a gamer or not, this one should be on your list.

Source: Firsthour

Check out the trailer .

Which one will you start with?