On this gigantic planet of ours filled with war, hate and violence, the moment when two people fall in love and decide to be with each other forever is what makes life worth living. When two people decide to get married and spend the rest of their lives together, it’s an expression of their love and their commitment to each other. So then why is it that in India we discriminate against love? If two men or two women wish to express their love by getting married what right does anyone have to stop them?

Kunal Ghose and Jason Aronne wanted a typical Indian marriage with all of its fanfare, liveliness and tradition. However, they couldn’t do it in India for that would be a “criminal” “unnatural” thing to do. So they got married outside India but including several Indian wedding motifs.

The result was a heart-warming, romantic, beautiful ceremony that’ll plant the seeds of true love in the coldest of hearts. Have a look at these magnificent photographs and then ask yourself “what’s unnatural about this?

H/t: thetecnica